Remuneration - Mayor and Councillors

This page outlines the remuneration paid to the Mayor and Councillors, including the policy for reimbursement of their expenses.

The Remuneration Authority is responsible for setting the amount that each Council can spend on remunerating its elected members. The Authority sets the salary of the Mayor and provides guidance to the Council on the salary of the Councillors. 

The Council also recommends to the Authority, for approval, a Policy for Reimbursement of Expenses and Payment of Allowances (if any) of its elected members (see link below). 

Remuneration for 2016-17


Annual Salary



Deputy Mayor $46,012
Standing Committee Chair $46,012
Councillor $35,394

* Mayoral car - Full private use.

Councillors are also paid a communications allowance of $1,050 per Councillor per year.

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