Council and Committee Meeting Documents

This page details how to access Council and Committee meeting documents through the Council's website.

Meeting Document Search

The Council meetings document search system contains the following Council and Committee documents:

  • Agendas (Order Papers)
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Officer Reports
  • Committee Reports to Council
  • Council Workshop Minutes

Publishing timeframes

Agendas will be published on the third working day before the meeting. Officer Reports will be published at the same time. Reports from Committees to Council will be published with the agenda for the Council meeting.

The minutes are always in draft form until they have been confirmed as correct at the next meeting.

Minutes of Meetings will usually be published within five working days after the meeting.

Key to abbreviations

  • Document Types

AG Agenda (Order Paper)
MIN Minutes of Meeting
NOM Notice of Motion
OR Officer Report
ATT Attachment to Officer Report
RTC Committee Report to Council

  • Meeting Numbers

For internal administrative purposes, every meeting is numbered, starting with the triennium number (e.g. 1619 for triennium October 2016 to October 2019) and then a sequential meeting number (eg 01, 02, 03 etc).

  • Meeting Types

For internal administrative purposes, Extraordinary meetings are identified with EX. Ordinary meetings have no special identifier. Prior to 1 July 2003 Extraordinary meetings were known as either Special or Emergency meetings which were identified with either SP or EMG.

  • Keyword Search

The keyword search will look for any word in a document title. For example, if you type "annual plan" in the keyword search box, any document with the words "annual plan" in the title will be displayed.

If you do not specify a Committee, Year or Date of Meeting, the keyword search function will display all documents for all committees, years and meetings.

If you specify a Committee AND/OR a Year, AND/OR a Meeting, the keyword search function will display all documents from the lists specified.

  • Public Excluded

Public Excluded Agendas and Minutes of Meetings will not be published on this website. Confidential Reports may be published if their release has been approved by Council or Committee resolution.