What does the Mayor do?

The Mayor is elected by the city as a whole and is the leader of the Council.

Here are the main roles of the Mayor:

  • the official spokesperson for the Council and the City
  • the presiding member at full Council meetings
  • an ex officio member of all Council committees
  • responsible for ensuring the orderly conduct of business during meetings, as determined by Council's Standing Orders
  • sets the Council committee structure and appoints the Deputy Mayor and Committee Chairs
  • sets and presents the strategy and major plans to the Council for consideration, debate and adoption

Civic duties by the Mayor include:

  • advocating on behalf of the community.  This may involve promoting the community and representing the city's interests at regional, national and international levels.
  • carrying out civic and ceremonial responsibilities associated with the position of Mayor, including swearing in new citizens

The Mayor works closely with the Chief Executive Officer to support the delivery of residents' expectations.

Mayoral Authorities

The Mayor can:

  • act as a Justice of the Peace
  • requisition a meeting of Council
  • declare a Civil Defence emergency
  • and has the authority of a chairperson pursuant to Standing Orders

What the Mayor and Council DON'T do:

  • social services provision, including police and justice, education and housing

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