Policies and Practices on EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities)

This page lists Porirua City Council's policies and practices on Equal Employment Opportunities.

EEO is about the elimination of artificial barriers to achievement of all groups of people within the Council, and of all potential employees.

EEO philosophies will be incorporated in all appropriate Personnel policies and practices so that:

  • The best person for the job is selected solely on the basis of the job requirements and the ability of that person to perform the job.
  • As wide a field of applicants as possible shall be encouraged to apply for vacancies in the Council.
  • The work place is free of discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, marital status, religious or ethical belief, race, colour, national or ethnic origins, age, disability, employment status, family status, political opinions, sexual orientation.
  • Promotion is on the basis of performance (past, present and potential) and the willingness of the employee to accept greater responsibility.
  • Training and development opportunities will be provided on the basis of objectively assessed needs.
  • A positive climate is fostered which appreciates a diversity of background and individual contribution and encourages employees to develop their potential.
  • Employees are aware of the Council’s commitment to EEO.

Our EEO  Operating Policy Goals are:

  • That the Porirua City Council policies, procedures and practices incorporate Equal Employment Opportunities requirements;
  • That the employment requirements, and aims and aspirations of target groups (Women, Maori, Pacific Island People, ethnic minority group people with disabilities) are recognised, and as far as practicable, are met;
  • That the working environment continues to remain sensitive to the needs of all staff and free from discrimination;
  • That communications systems are enhanced within the workplace to ensure staff have input to and receive information on the progress, analysis and on-going development of Equal Employment Opportunities Programmes.