Governance Structures and Delegations

This section outlines the committee structure adopted by Council and appointments of Councillors to outside organisations.  Also included is information on the Triennial Agreement with other Councils in the Wellington region.

Standing Committees

After each triennial election, Council reviews its committee structure. Council's standing committee structure was adopted at its first meeting of the current triennium held on 26 October 2016.  

See Council, Committee and Subcommittee Terms of Reference.

Other Committees and Organisations

Council may, from time to time, appoint elected members as Council representatives to outside organisations or groups as well as joint committees with other councils in the region. 

Wellington Regional Triennial Agreement

The Triennial Agreement is an agreement to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the other Councils in the Greater Wellington region.  This is required to be signed each triennium under Section 15 of the Local Government Act 2002.