Executive Management

This page explains the role of the current Executive Management team at Porirua City Council, along with contact details and images.
Wendy Walker, Chief Executive.

Wendy Walker
Chief Executive

Phone (04) 237 1401
Fax (04) 237 6384
Email: wwalker@pcc.govt.nz

The principal administrative officer of the Porirua City Council is the Chief Executive, who is solely responsible to the elected members for the management of Council's affairs and for all policy advice to elected members.

Reporting to the Chief Executive are five General Managers.

The General Managers together are responsible to the Chief Executive for the successful management of the activities as outlined below, and delivery of the Council's Strategic Priorities.


  Tamsin Evans, Chief Operating Officer.

Tamsin Evans
Chief Operating Officer
City & Community Infrastructure

Phone (04) 237 1412
Email tevans@pcc.govt.nz

The Group provides advice to Council on the existing and future needs of the city's public utilities, and infrastructure. This includes the management of parks and reserves, the cemetery and crematorium, water, sewerage, stormwater, roading assets, solid waste and community services such as the libraries, recreation, parks and Pataka Museum of Arts and Culture.

The Group ensures that there is effective provision in all of the above areas including ensuring public open space provision is at a level that meets community needs.


James Jefferson, General Manager Policy Planning and Regulatory Services.

James Jefferson
General Manager
Policy, Planning & Regulatory Services

Phone (04) 237 1416
email jjefferson@pcc.govt.nz

This Group provides an overview and monitoring of the Council's strategies in respect of the economic, environmental, cultural, and social wellbeing of the city as a whole. This includes assessing significant population, economic and development changes, so that it can report to Council on the needs of the Council and the Porirua community.

The Group develops the Council's Long Term Plan, facilitates each year's Annual Plan, coordinates the Council's Annual Report, and initiates changes in the District Plan, and heritage management.

This Group also provides the regulatory functions for Council as well as an advisory and monitoring service for all environment and regulatory functions to the public, and Council.  This includes processing and monitoring applications and complaints under the Building Act, Resource Management Act and District Plan, providing quality environmental health inspections and animal control services.


Roy Baker, General Manager/Chief Financial Officer.

Roy Baker
General Manager Corporate Services & CFO
Corporate Services

Phone (04) 237 1417
Email: rbaker1@pcc.govt.nz

The Corporate Services Group includes Information and Communication Technology, Finance and Procurement functions. This group provides Customer Services through public contact points, eg hall bookings, dealing directly with public complaints and providing information through the call centre and service desk.


Bryan Patchett, General Manager, City Growth and Partnerships.

Bryan Patchett
General Manager
City Growth and Partnerships

Phone (04) 237 1431
Email: bpatchett@pcc.govt.nz

This group has an emphasis on Council's partnership with key stakeholders and community groups, including grants and village planning.

The Group provides leadership on the delivery of initiatives for population and economic growth, coordination of communications, city promotions and marketing, consultation and engagement.

The City Growth and Partnerships group leads the delivery of the City Centre Revitalisation project, provides advice on the strategic management of the Council property portfolio, and also provides coordination and promotion of the democratic processes of the Council.


Jerry Wrenn, Human Resources Manager.

Jerry Wrenn
General Manager
People and Capability

Phone (04) 237 1408
email jwrenn@pcc.govt.nz

The People & Capability Group is responsible for organisational development, workforce planning, strategy and policy advice on employment relations. It provides human resources services including, payroll and leave administration. remuneration and performance management, training and development, selection & recruitment, induction and orientation of new staff.

The Group also manages health and safety services including hazard management and accident incident reporting and is responsible for the emergency management function of Council.