Systems for Public Access

This page provides links to information on the ways the public can access the Porirua City Council and its elected members and contribute to the decisions being made.

Contacting the Council, Mayor and Councillors

Members of the public can contact the Porirua City Council and its elected members either by telephone, email or mail. 
In addition, members of the public are welcome to call into the public counter in the main Administration Building at 16 Cobham Court to make enquiries or view agendas for meetings. 
Agendas and minutes of meetings can also be viewed at the public libraries, or from our Meetings Documents System.

Public Attendance at Meetings

Members of the public are also welcome to attend meetings of Council and its Committees as observers.  You will, however, be asked to leave the meeting when a resolution to exclude the news media and public is passed. 

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Deputations and Speaking at the Public Forum

Members of the public may attend meetings to express their views during the Public Forum time, either as individuals or as part of a deputation, subject to the following conditions:

  • Any person wishing to participate in the public forum preceding the meeting needs to advise the Chairperson, or Democratic Services, at least one clear day before the meeting (or later at the discretion of the Chairperson).
  • The Chairperson may decline requests for deputations or public speaking time that are repetitious or offensive.
  • The Chairperson has the power to limit the number of public speakers or deputations at a meeting, if the Chairperson feels that the number of requests received are too many to be heard at one meeting.

Time limit:  unless the meeting determines otherwise in any particular case, a limit of one minute shall be placed on the person introducing a deputation, and a limit of five minutes shall be placed on each member of a deputation, or individual participants in the public forum.

Presenting a Petition

To present a petition to Council the following points will help you do so:

  • Petitions are to be presented to meetings of Council by an elected member.
  • Petitions must contain a concise statement of what the petitioners seek, and must be written in a respectful manner.
  • Any elected member presenting a petition to Council shall confine themselves to a statement of the parties that the petition is from, the number of signatures attached to the petition, and a reading of the statement of what the petitioners want.
  • The organiser of a petition may address the Council on the subject of the petition for no more than five minutes.
  • Once a petition has been presented to the Council, the Mayor shall formally move that the petition be received and either that it be referred to an appropriate committee for consideration and report, or that it be dealt with by the Council.

Contact details

For inquiries or more information about Council and Committee meetings, contact:

Democratic Services
Ph (04) 237 5089

or alternatively email Democratic Services

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