Local Legislation

This page has information about local legislation (Acts that apply specifically to the Porirua City Council).

Porirua City Council (Pauatahanui Burial Ground) Act 2007

The purposes of this Act are to:

a)  confirm the vesting of the Burial Ground in the Council; and

b)  dissolve certain Trusts relating to the Burial Ground; and

c)  extinguish certain interests of the Stace family in the Burial Ground; and

d)  preserve specified entitlements, including the rights of persons who have purchased before the closure of the Burial
     Ground plots of land:

  • in the Burial Ground; and
  • in which no burial has yet been made; and

e)  provide for the maintenance, inspection, and records of the Burial Ground.

Previous Local Legislation

Prior to 1 July 2003, the Council was bound by two other pieces of local legislation, the Lower Hutt, Porirua, and Upper Hutt Cities Empowering (Petroleum Tax) Act 1973 and the Porirua City (Financial Unification) Act 1976. 

However these Acts were repealed by section 269 of the Local Government Act 2002 as from 1 July 2003. 

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