Nominations for Civic Awards

The Civic Awards are an annual event to recognise up to five Porirua residents for their outstanding voluntary service to the city. Nominations for our 2017 awards are scheduled to open in March.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Any individual is eligible for nomination. Normally it would be expected that the individual lives in Porirua and has contributed exceptional voluntary services over a considerable number of years in the local community. The nature of service recognised by the Civic Awards is primarily expected to be in an unpaid (voluntary) capacity and not normally for services for which wages or salary are paid – but may include where paid services have been beyond the call of duty.

Voluntary activities include (but are not limited to): community contribution of high impact in the fields of recreation, youth activities, aged, welfare, educational services and cultural activities, as well as contributing to development of the city and putting Porirua City on the map. Acts of outstanding bravery or unselfishness, academic achievement and artistic achievement will also be considered.

Sporting achievements are not eligible for nomination, as these are already recognised through the Porirua Sports Awards.

Who can nominate?

Any two residents or two executive officers of any organisation in Porirua City can nominate a candidate for the Civic Awards. Full details of the voluntary service record of your nominee are required, including positions held, the length of service given and the nominators' assessment of the effects of the work for the Porirua community.

What is the selection process?

The Civic Awards are a contestable process. After nominations close, a subcommittee of Council meets to consider the nominations against the guideline criteria and puts recommendations to the full Council to confirm the Civic Awards recipients. Up to a maximum of five residents are awarded each year.

The awards are bestowed by the Mayor at a special ceremony attended by recipients with their family and friends, City Councillors, senior Council staff and the media. Each recipient receives two special Civic Award medals – one engraved with their name and date of the ceremony on the back and the other a smaller lapel badge. In addition each recipient receives a framed certificate.