Your Council

This section has information about the Porirua City Council, its elected members and executive management, governance and the democratic process, the Council and Community, and our international relationships.

Your Mayor

Your Council

Local Governance

icon - Porirua City Council Coat of Arms.

  • Executive Management
  • Governance Structure
  • Council Meetings
  • Representation Arrangements
  • Members Roles and Conduct
  • Job Vacancies

Council and Community

icon - events in Porirua City.

  • ANZAC Day
  • Civic Awards
  • Citizenship Ceremonies
  • Freedom of the City
  • Porirua City Partners Programme
  • Porirua Foundation

Democratic Process

icon - Porirua City Council administration building.

  • Elections 2016 
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Local Government Links
  • Local Legislation
  • Maori Liaison
  • Official Information Requests
  • Public Attendance at Meetings

International Relations

icon - International Relationships.

  • Sister Cities
  • Friendly Cities
  • Twin Cities