Reserves Management Plans and General Policy (Non-Operative)

This page describes Porirua’s non-operative reserve management plans and policy documents. These plans have all been superseded by the Reserve Management Plan 2013. They have been provided here as they may contain some background information not included in the current Reserve Management Plan. These plans are intended as reference material only.

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The past Management Plans and General Policies can be downloaded from this page, or viewed at the Porirua Public Library.

Not all reserves have a management plan. If a reserve is not covered in a plan, Council is guided by a General Policy for Reserves.

Please note that some of the files listed below are quite large, as they have been scanned from hard copies. The file size page count is noted with each link.


General Policies for Reserves 2003 (Non-Operative)

The General policy for Reserves is in four parts:

Reserve Administration Policies cover the legal requirements for the administration of reserves. Use of Reserve Policies guides Council’s response to the use of reserves, both by the general public, and to applications for more formal use of reserves. Maintenance Policies outline the general approach to maintaining Council reserve land. Development Policies guide Council’s response to development applications. There are some issues that are intentionally not dealt with in this document.  Issues specific to sports field reserves are found in the Active Recreation Reserves Management Plan.

Cover, Active Recreation Reserves management Plan 1994.

Active Recreation Reserves Management Plan 1994 (Non-Operative)

This plan covers the sports fields not covered separately in the Porirua Parks or Ngatitoa Domain Reserve Management Plan.

Cover, Aotea Lagoon Management Plan.

Aotea Lagoon Management Plan 1994 (Non-Operative)

Aotea Lagoon is one of Porirua City's main amenity reserves and event venues. It has extensive gardens and a major playground.

Cover, Golden Gate Peninsula Esplanade Reserves Management Plan 2002.

Golden Gate Peninsula Esplanade Reserves Management Plan 2002 (Non-Operative)

This plan covers the management of the esplanade reserves on the shoreline of the Golden Gate Peninsula in the Pauatahanui Inlet arm of Porirua Harbour.

Cover, Karehana Bay Scenic Reserve Management Plan 2001.

Karehana Bay Scenic Reserve Management Plan 2001 (Non-Operative)

The Karehana Bay Scenic Reserve forms the backdrop to Karehana Bay in Plimmerton.

Cover, Ngatitoa Domain Recreation Reserve Management Plan 2005.

Ngatitoa Domain Recreation Reserve Management Plan 2005 (Non-Operative)

Ngatitoa Domain contains sports fields and courts, a marina, picnic areas, and important historic sites. It is at Mana, at the entrance to Porirua Harbour.

Cover, Porirua Scenic Reserve Management Plan 1994.

Porirua Scenic Reserve Management Plan 1994 (Non-Operative)

Porirua Scenic Reserve and the adjacent Colonial Knob Scenic Reserve protect the most significant area of native forest left in the Tawa–Porirua Basin.


Cover, Porirua Park and Environs Management Plan 1992.

Porirua Park and Environs Management Plan 1992 (Non-Operative)

The number 1 field at Trust Porirua Park provides the highest standard available for top-level competition play. There is a large area of regenerating bush behind the sports fields.