Psychoactive Substances Policy

This page describes the Local Approved Products Policy approved by Council on 29 April 2015.

Local Approved Products Policy (LAPP)

A LAPP establishes restrictions around the location of premises from which approved products (or ‘legal highs') may be sold. The Council cannot legally prohibit retailers of approved products with a blanket ban; it must permit retailers.

The purpose of the LAPP is to identify the most appropriate locations for retailers of approved products within Porirua City. Without an LAPP retailers of psychoactive substances will be able to open premises anywhere in the City where the District Plan permits retail activity.

The Psychoactive Substances Act 2013 puts substantial controls around who can sell, supply and purchase approved products. The regulatory regime is administered by the Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority, which also administers applications of any LAPP adopted by a territorial authority.

Policy Objectives

The Policy's objectives are to:

  • Restrict the accessibility of approved psychoactive substances in Porirua,
  • Minimise any adverse impact on the amenity and good order of Porirua,
  • Minimise any adverse impact from the sale of approved products on vulnerable people.

Policy contents

The policy restricts retail premises to an area including:

  • Hagley Street - northern end;
  • part of Cobham Court;
  • Kilkerran Place.

There is a minimum distance of 50 metres between licensed premises and 100 metres between licensed premises and sensitive sites.

Applications for a Licence

If you wish to import, research, sell or manufacture psychoactive substances, you need to apply for a licence from the Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority.