Porirua Economic Bulletin – Together "Grow Porirua…"

This page describes the Porirua Economic Bulletin reports that were available quarterly from the Council's former Economic Development Group. The information that was in the Economic Bulletin is now available through the Infometrics Quarterly Economic Monitor, an interactive web portal which provides an in-depth description of Porirua's economic performance, monitoring quarterly statistics on GDP, traffic, consents, house prices, house sales, guest nights, retail sales, vehicle registrations, unemployment rates, migration and jobseeker numbers.

See the Porirua Statistics and Monitoring page for more details.

Cover - Porirua Economic Bulletin April 2016.Quarterly Updates

The publication of the Together "Grow Porirua…" Economic Bulletin was one of the Council's Economic Development Group services aimed at the business community, seeking to provide a regular overview of the Porirua economy to enable local or potential businesses or investors to make good decisions for their business.

The Economic Bulletin was developed closely with the business sector through the Porirua Chamber of Commerce to:

  • Promote economic development in Porirua
  • Keep the local business community informed about the economic climate in Porirua City
  • Establish stronger links with the business sector and potential investors to to encourage development and investment
  • Actively support and promote local businesses
  • Monitor the city's economic development strategy and action plan
  • Provide economic development information to inform decision making

In conjunction with the Council's Economic Development Group, the Economic Bulletin was prepared using the information and analysis supplied by Infometrics Ltd - an economic consulting and forecasting company. Information sources used to inform the analysis include: Statistics NZ, Ministry of Social Development, REINZ, Quotable Value NZ, Electricity Commission, and NZTA.

Previous copies of the Economic Bulletin reports are available in pdf format below: (access to other previous editions i.e. 1-10 are available on request)

  • Edition 21 - March 2016 - for the year ending December 2015 (8 page pdf, 3.6MB)
  • Edition 20 - December 2015 - for the year ending September 2015 (8 page pdf, 3 MB)
  • Edition 19 - September 2015 - for the year ending June 2015 (8 page pdf, 2 MB)
  • Edition 18 - June 2015 - for the year ending March 2015 (8 page pdf, 2 MB)
  • Edition 17 - March 2015 - for year ending December 2014 (8 page pdf, 3 MB)
  • Edition 16 - December 2014. For year ending September 2014 (8 page pdf, 3MB)
  • Edition 15 - September 2014 - for the year ending June 2014 (8 page pdf
  • Edition 14 - June 2014 - for the year ending March 2014 (8 page pdf 1.79MB)
  • Edition 13 - April 2014 - for the year ending December 2013 (8 page pdf 2.37MB)
  • Edition 12 - February 2014 - for the year ending September 2013 (8 page pdf 2.33MB) 
  • Edition 11 - September 2013 - for the year ending June 2013 (8 page pdf 1.86MB)