Porirua City Wellbeing Report

This page has answers to frequently asked questions about the Porirua City Wellbeing Report.

What is the Porirua City Wellbeing Report?

The Porirua City Wellbeing Report is a monitoring report that is required under the Local Government Act 2002. It tells us how well we are doing toward our "community outcomes" (these are our broad community priorities – see description below). The City Wellbeing Report covers a wide range of issues (eg health, economy, transport, environment). Council is required to report at least every three years on progress toward community outcomes.

What sort of information is in the Porirua City Wellbeing Report?

The report has a range of hard data (statistics, facts and figures, graphs, tables etc) and soft data (descriptions of programmes and issues, quotes, stories etc).

What does the City Wellbeing Report 2007 tell us about Porirua?

The City Wellbeing Report describes Porirua City as having a diverse and vibrant community in a beautiful environment, presenting us with strengths and opportunities. However, the diversity of our people and the state of our environment also presents us with clear challenges: our people have a wide range of health and social needs; and our environment continues to be shaped and affected by human and natural factors.

Here's a few of the points from the Porirua City Wellbeing Report 2007

  • Economic performance has consistently improved over the last 3 years.
  • Personal and household income varies widely (despite having higher than national average for both).
  • Health inequalities continue to exist, particularly for Maori, Pacific people and people with low income.
  • Home ownership is lower for Maori and Pacific people.
  • Early childhood education (ECE) participation has increased.
  • Low educational attainment levels of school leavers is higher than regional/national.
  • Tertiary qualifications in those 15 years of age and over has increased.
  • Material diverted to Trash Palace for recycling and re-use has increased.
  • Stream and coastal water quality needs to improve.
  • Unemployment for youth (and all ages) has consistently declined over the last 5 years.
  • The sense of safety for young people in City Centre after dark is low.
  • Porirua City’s cultural diversity is viewed positively by residents.
  • Injury in the home appears to be an issue requiring attention.
  • Our sense of safety overall is not significantly better or worse than national results.
  • Public transport is convenient and affordable, according to our residents.
  • Pedestrian crashes mainly involve children of school-age or under.
  • Positive contact with neighbours is reported by most of our residents.
  • Visitor experience data is needed in more detail.
  • City festivals and events are diverse, popular and well-attended.

What are community outcomes?

Community outcomes are a broad set of goals, targets or priorities that the community feels are important to Porirua City. Other councils around New Zealand have similar high level priorities such as health, employment, economy, environment, transport, culture and heritage. Community outcomes set an overarching set of city priorities which will inform Council, government departments, and other organisations in their planning for the future. While good progress on different issues is made by a wide range of agencies and sectors, greater progress can often be achieved by working in partnership – community outcome setting and monitoring is an excellent way to facilitate this process at the local level.

What are Porirua City’s community outcomes?

In 2007 we have seven community outcomes (the City Wellbeing Report 2007 covers the original eight outcomes set in 2004 – two were merged because they were similar):

Porirua City's Community Outcomes 2007


Community Outcome Description


Health and Housing People are healthy and live in good quality housing


Education and Training The diverse educational and training goals of our communities are met


Young People Young people are innovative, optimistic and energetic participants


Natural and Physical Environment The natural and physical environment is valued, clean, safe, attractive and sustainable


Economic Growth and Employment Businesses flourish and sustainable employment opportunities are created


Transport A safe, integrated transport system for the movement of people and goods


Welcoming and Creative City A welcoming and creative City that fosters a sense of safety, belonging and inclusion

Each of these outcomes is described further with several points that the community felt were important (see the Community Outcomes Report; the community outcome "snap shots"; or the Long Term Council Community Plan 2006-16 for this detail).

How do we make progress on community outcomes?

Many of the issues contributing to each outcome are outside Council’s direct control, resourcing or influence. Council is required to coordinate the setting and monitoring of community outcomes.

However, our interest doesn’t stop there. Community outcomes need to be shared and supported by all who live, work, and deliver services in Porirua City. One of the practical approaches is to work together in a series of partnerships to take ownership of the outcomes, to work toward them, and to monitor and measure them, so we can judge real progress.

How often are community outcomes reviewed?

At least every six years, Council is required to carry out a consultative process to identify and review community outcomes. The next review is part of the work toward the Long Term Council Community Plan 2009-19.

Where can I find out more about the Porirua City Wellbeing Report and community outcomes?

More information on the City Wellbeing Report and community outcomes can be found at Council's offices and libraries. There is a full City Wellbeing Report and a series of outcome "snapshots" with a taste of some of the issues found in the full report.

What other information is there on Porirua City?

The Porirua City Wellbeing Report is being released soon after the national Quality of Life Report - describing a range of issues in 12 cities including Porirua. Another report of great interest and detail on Porirua is the Porirua City Profile – a comprehensive set of statistics for Porirua from the Census now being finalised.

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