Community Outcomes Monitoring Report

This page provides information on progress towards Porirua City's shared Community Outcomes.

Community Outcomes monitoring is important

cover - Community Outcomes Report 2007. Community Outcome monitoring is required by the Local Government Act 2002. A wide range of organisations contribute to the City's shared outcomes because they have a direct responsibility such as in coordination, delivery, funding and monitoring.  This means that effective partnerships – "working together" – is the key to sharing and making progress on our City’s priorities.

This section describes progress with Porirua's previous Community Outcomes - "how we are doing", provides a link to the most recent monitoring report and a series of "snapshots" of each outcome.

At least every 3 years, Porirua City Council is required to report on progress toward the City’s Community Outcomes.  The Porirua City Wellbeing – Community Outcomes Monitoring Report 2007 (see link below) is the first comprehensive progress report on the original 8 community outcomes established in 2004.  The outcomes have since been reviewed but it is important to see where we have come from and how we have done.

Progress on Community Outcomes to 2007

Below are "snapshots" for each outcome. The snapshots are less than 500KB in full colour pdf format.

Economic Growth and Employment

"Businesses flourish and sustainable employment opportunities are created"

Health and Housing

"People are healthy and live in good quality housing"

Education and Training

"The diverse educational and training goals of our communities are met"

Natural and Physical Environment

"The natural and physical environment is valued, clean, safe, attractive and sustainable"

Young People

"Young people are innovative, optimistic and energetic participants"

City Life

"A vibrant and creative city that fosters a sense of safety, belonging and inclusion"


"A safe, integrated transport system for the movement of people and goods"

Welcoming City

"A city that is recognised as a welcoming and dynamic place"

New Community Outcomes

Community Outcomes were reviewed with the community and organisations across the city and formally adopted in June 2009.  Porirua - Our Place, Our Future: Community Outcomes Action Plan is now available and there are exciting plans for the web to help with future monitoring.

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