Pauatahanui-Judgeford Structure Plan

Aerial view of Pauatahanui Inlet and Pauatahanui Village.
Aerial view of Pauatahanui Inlet and Pauatahanui Village.

Porirua City Council has adopted a Structure Plan and associated action plan for guiding future land use and development in the Pauatahanui-Judgeford area. The main considerations driving the desire to plan for the future of the area in Pauatahanui and Judgeford are that:

  • Rural lifestyle subdivision and development in the area has been intensifying in recent years.
  • Transmission Gully Motorway will add further pressure for land utilisation in the area.
  • The sensitive receiving environment of Porirua Harbour needs careful management.

Any new development needs to take into account the aspirations of the local community and be of a type and intensity that is appropriate for the area.

In preparing the Structure Plan, the Council has been guided by issues raised by the local community, Iwi and stakeholders and by development issues outlined in strategies and plans including:

  • Pauatahanui Village Plan
  • Proposed Porirua Harbour and Catchment Strategy and Action Plan
  • Porirua Development Framework (2009)
  • Wellington Regional Strategy
  • Wellington Regional Land Transport Strategy 2010-40
  • Porirua Long Term Council Community Plan 2009-19 and 2012-22.
  • Greater Wellington Regional Policy Statement and Regional Plans
  • Porirua City District Plan

The Structure Plan that has been adopted by Porirua City Council is intended to assist future land use and transportation planning decisions within the Pauatahanui Village and Judgeford basin areas, as well as informing subsequent review of the Porirua City District Plan.

The Structure Plan was adopted by the Council on 14 November 2012 (Ref: Council Minutes 128/12). The Pauatahanui Judgeford Structure Plan (November 2012), together with the background technical report and maps, are available for download below.

Key Features

Key features of the Structure Plan are as follows:

  • Rural Subdivision - proposed changes to subdivision standards to allow rural lifestyle subdivision, which is linked to a requirement to re-vegetate or retire areas of land and which may include a requirement for a financial contribution towards the cost of replanting or retiring land on another site.
  • Pauatahanui Village - review of existing zoning and limited rural residential development on the higher ground to the east of the village.
  • Judgeford Hamlet – The possibility of a small hamlet-style development around the intersection of SH58 and Moonshine Road in Judgeford consisting of rural residential lots ranging in size from 3,000m2 to 2.5ha with a mix of light industry and one or two small convenience or craft shops.
  • Lanes Flat - options for future development at Lanes Flat once construction of Transmission Gully Motorway is completed.

Next Steps

The Council is now working on the implementation steps that are needed to give practical effect to the Structure Plan. The highest priority actions in this regard are:

  • Preparing an Integrated Catchment Management Plan – to determine priority areas for catchment revegetation and water quality management facilities for the Pauatahanui Stream Catchment and Upper Ration Creek Catchment.
  • Preparing a Riparian Management Plan - to determine what waterway riparian management assets will need to be provided for the Pauatahanui Stream Catchment and Upper Ration Creek Catchment.
  • Preparing a Movement Plan – to determine infrastructure requirements, including upgrading requirements for transport corridors (including state highway 58) and pathways needed to give practical effect to the structure plan.
  • Development of Infrastructure and Community Facilities with Pauatahanui Village. This includes sewerage reticulation for identified existing village properties, and street and road enhancements within the vicinity of the village.

Other actions that are important in giving effect to the Structure plan include:

  • Heritage Management of key heritage features in the area. This is being undertaken in accordance with the Porirua City Council Heritage Management Strategy.
  • Development of Private Land Management Plans. This will be done as needed with those private landowners who wish to instigate private land management plans on a voluntary basis.

When these implementation steps are completed, we will prepare proposed plan changes to the Porirua City District Plan to provide for the development and activities envisaged in the Structure Plan.

If you have any queries regarding the Structure Plan process, please call us on (04) 237 5089.

Pauatahanui Judgeford Structure Plan documents