Long Term Plan 2009-19

This page describes the Council's Long Term Plan for 2009-19 adopted on 24 June 2009.

Cover - Porirua City Long Term Council Community Plan 2009-19

On this page:

  • Introduction
  • Final LTP Publications
  • Draft LTP Publications
  • Flyers and Kapi-Mana articles
  • Hearing and Submission information
  • Rates from Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Methods of Communication
  • City Forum Series
  • Council Roadshow Meetings and Clinics



    Every three years the LTP is fully reviewed with public input.  The Annual Plan 2010/11 focuses on adjustments the Council has made to Year 2 of the LTP. The next review will begin during 2010/11 to prepare the Long Term Plan for 2012-22.

    A Long Term Plan is a document put together by the community and Council that sets the strategic direction for the city over the next ten years.  The LTP covers the function of the Annual Plan for first year it covers.  However Annual Plans are produced for years 2 and 3 of the LTP.

    The purpose of the LTP is detailed under the Local Government Act (LGA) 2002 to:

    • describe the activities of the local authority
    • describe and incorporate the community outcomes and process
    • provide integrated decision-making and coordination of resources
    • provide long term focus for the decisions and activities of the local authority

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    Final 2009-19 LTP Publications


    Note: These links are to the various sections of the 2009-19 LTP published document. Cover pages and some blank pages have been removed, and the files have been broken up and optimised for fast web view to reduce file size. All files are in pdf format and suitable for black and white printing unless otherwise stated.

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    Draft 2009-19 LTP Publications

    The following documents relate to the Draft Long Term Plan 2009-19 and associated consultation matters.

    Supplementary Information


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    Hearing and submission information

    Consultation on the 2009-19 Draft LTP was held 1 April-1 May 2009.

    We received close to 500 submissions, and of those, 38 made presentations during the public hearing period 13-15 May 2009.
    Nearly 100 subject areas were addressed in the submissions. The main subjects covered include: Porirua Performing Arts Theatre, Onepoto to Wi Neera Drive Pathway, Te Hiko Street landscaping, Waitangirua Park development, roading matters relating to road safety, SH58 and Pope Street retaining wall and city landscape matters such as skate parks, playgrounds, cycleways and walkways.

    Due to logistics, we have not placed submissions on this website.

    Flyers and Kapi-Mana Articles

    The following articles (published in the Kapi-Mana News) outline key issues and news updates associated with the 2009-19 LTP.

    (Please note: all files are in pdf format and most are less than 1 MB in size.)

    30 June 2009 Looking after Porirua Long-Term (article in City Focus 30 June 2009)
    4 June 2009 Porirua City's Long Term Plan nearly there (press release)
    May 2009 Hearing advertisement (339KB pdf)
    23 April 2009 Media Release - Did you get a summary of the Long Term Plan (18KB pdf)
    April 2009 City Plan - Last days to have your say. Article in Cityh Focus 28 April 2009 (343KB pdf)
    April 2009 Consultation Reminder Notice (192KB pdf)
    7 April 2009 Draft LTP Feature for Kapi Mana News, 7 April
    March 2009 Public Launch of Draft LTP - flyer (183KB pdf)
    10 February 2009 Long Term Plan - consultation flyer, including key issues (10 Feb 09) (390KB pdf)
    16 December 2008 Leisure and Transport (City Focus article 16 Dec 08) (327KB pdf)
    2 December 2008 City Centre revitalisation (City Focus article 02 Dec 08) (206KB pdf)
    18 November 2008 Water supply, Waste water and Storm water (18 Nov 08) (1.67MB pdf)
    28 October 2008 Plan for the future by looking to the past (City Focus article 28 Oct 08) (463KB pdf)
    14 October 2008 Waste Minimisation (14 Oct 08) (365KB pdf)
    1 October 2008 Introduction – Have Your Say (01 Oct 08) (366KB pdf)


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    Rates from Greater Wellington Regional Council

    Regional rates, charged by Greater Wellington, are part of the overall rates you pay, and are noted separately on your bill from Porirua City Council. To find out more, visit Greater Wellington The Regional Council's website.


    Methods of Communication

    Council used a range of ways to communicate key issues and encourage participation, including:

    • Council Adoption Meeting 24 June 2009
    • Council Meeting to consider submissions 3 June
    • Council (public) workshop on submissions 21 May
    • Public Hearing period 13-15 May
    • Formal Consultation 1 April - 1 May
    • Public consultation launch event, 2 April
    • Interviews and advertisements on Radio with Mayor Brash (March/ April 09 on Samoa Capital Radio, and Atiawa Toa FM)
    • Publications (consultation documents, flyers and Kapi-Mana articles)
    • City Forum Series (October – November 2008)
    • Councillor Roadshow meetings and clinics

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    City Forum Series

    Thanks to those who participated in Council's City Forum Series (four public events held October/November 2008) - an opportunity for organisations and community members to hear about global, national, regional and local issues likely to affect Porirua over the next ten years.
    • View City Focus, the residents newsletter with the latest information.
    Click on links below for Proceedings of each Forum event (all files are in pdf format):
    Forum 1: Points of Difference: building on success, defining who we are as a City and how we look to the future
    Held on: 23 October 2008
    Chair: Mayor Jenny Brash
    Speakers: Rod Oram, Sue Veart, Euan Dempsey
    • Audience key points – Forum 1
    • Presentation: Rod Oram (Professor, New Zealand Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) - Sustainable development of cities around the world, future proofing communities)
    • Presentation: Sue Veart (General Manager Strategy & Planning, Porirua City Council) - Porirua as a successful city - how Council is working with others to ensure that Porirua is developing from a sustainable base)
    • Presentation: Euan Dempsey (General Manager Corporate Services, Porirua City Council) - Financial Sustainability - developing Porirua City Council's long term financial and business plan
    Forum 2: Economic Vitality: Growing the economy and attracting visitors
    Held on: 30 October 2008
    chair: Cr Nick Leggett
    Speakers: Don Campbell, Roger Blakeley, Darcy Nicholas, Kobus Mentz
    • Audience key points – Forum 2
    • Presentation: Don Campbell (CEO, Whitireia Community Polytechnic) - Exploring Opportunities for Economic Vitality)
    • Presentation: Dr Roger Blakeley (Chief Executive, Porirua City Council) - Porirua's economic future
    • Darcy Nicholas (General Manager Community Services, Porirua City Council) - Tapping into the Visitor Industry) - verbal presentation only – no powerpoint
    • Kobus Mentz (Director of Urbanimpulse) - Revitalisation of the City Centre (presentation not available)

    Forum 3: Family Friendly City: Nurturing our social and cultural well-being
    Held on: 13 November 2008
    Chair: Cr Litea Ah Hoi
    Speakers: Matiu Rei, Ole Maiava, Helen Chipper, Ray Cowles

    • Audience key points – Forum 3
    • Matiu Rei (Te Runanga o Toa Rangatira) - Ngati Toa's vision for Porirua's future (verbal presentation only – no powerpoint)
    • Ole Maiava (Pacifika Festival Director) - Cultural diversity as a city strength (verbal presentation only – no powerpoint)
    • Helen Chipper (Plimmerton Residents' Association) - Village Planning in Porirua (verbal presentation only – no powerpoint)
    • Presentation: Ray Cowles (Manager Economic Development, Porirua City Council) - Supporting Social and Cultural Interaction in a Digital Age)

    Forum 4: Our Environment and Resources: Navigating our way in a changing world
    Held on: 19 November 2008
    Chair: Cr Euon Murrell
    Speakers: Roger Blakeley, Matt Trlin, Peter Bailey

    • Audience key points – Forum 4
    • Presentation: Dr Roger Blakeley (Chief Executive, Porirua City Council) – Council's Role in Future Proofing
    • Presentation: Peter Bailey (General Manager, Asset Management and Operations Group, Porirua City Council) – Three Waters
    • Presentation: Matt Trlin (Manager Environmental Policy, Porirua City Council) - Harbour and Hills
    • Presentation: Dee Jones (Zero Waste Coordinator, Porirua City Council) and Charles Barrie (Enviroschools Coordinator) - Working Together to Reduce Waste)


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    Council Roadshow Meetings and Clinics

    View a Summary of key issues (17KB pdf) raised during Councillor Clinics and Roadshow Meetings (to September 2008).

    Councillors held a "roadshow" to meet with city organisations during September and October 2008 to talk about Council services and activities – what people are happy with, what they are concerned about, what they see as priorities. In total, Councillors were invited to meet with 14 different groups over the two month period.

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