OPERATIVE District Plan Change 6 - Judgeford Hills Zone



Plan Change 6 to the Porirua City District Plan creates a new zone called the "Judgeford Hills Zone", which covers approximately 146ha of rural land at the end of Bradey Road, Pauatahanui.

The zone allows the creation of up to 40 houses within four separate clusters. The zone creates areas for environmental protection and restoration and the balance land will remain as farmland.

Amendments to the Porirua City District Plan

The plan change introduces a new section to the District Plan that contains Objectives, Policies and Rules specific to the Judgeford Hills Zone. The main themes of the new zone are broadly to:

  • Enable an alternative form of rural residential development within the site;
  • To mix this rural-residential activity with ongoing farming activities and environmental enhancement initiatives; and
  • Require layout and design which reflects the natural and landscape features and minimises adverse environmental effects.

The use of land within the Judgeford Hills Zone is controlled via Rules, Standards, and a Structure Plan. The Structure Plan divides the Zone into four parts, which are:

  • Primary Production Areas. The productive areas of the property where agriculture, horticulture and forestry can take place. This area comprises approximately 53% of the site;
  • Environmental Enhancement Areas. The areas of marginal farmland which provide opportunities for protection or enhancement. This area comprises approximately 15% of the site.
  • Cluster Residential Areas are the areas of the property where residential development will be concentrated. The construction of buildings within the Cluster Residential Area is a Controlled Activity, with Council able to control the bulk and location of houses as well as design and external appearance. The Cluster Residential Area comprises approximately 18% of the site; and
  • Land for Residential Use – these are open areas attached to residences to protect visual amenity. No buildings are allowed within these areas. This area comprises approximately 8% of the site.

The remaining land within the Zone is occupied by access roading.

The Judgeford Hills Zone has specific rules and standards for each of the four areas. These rules allow development and activities that are consistent with the Structure Plan by making them Permitted Activities or Controlled Activities.

Proposed developments and activities that are not consistent with the Structure Plan are treated as Restricted Discretionary Activities, Discretionary Activities, or Non-Complying Activities, and may be refused consent or have conditions imposed. As an example, farming activities within the Environmental Enhancement Area require resource consent as a Discretionary Activity in order to protect the Environmental Enhancement Areas from the effects of farming activities.

A Design Guide appended to, and forming part of, Plan Change 6 provides additional guidelines for development within the Judgeford Hills Zone.

Statutory process

The request by EQM Farming Limited for the Judgeford Hills Plan Change was lodged with Porirua City Council on the 1st of May 2006.

Public submissions on the plan change closed on 27 April 2007. Further submissions closed on the 27th of June 2007. The Hearing for Proposed Plan Change 6 was convened on the 27th of August 2007 and closed on the 18th of September 2007. The Council approved Proposed Plan Change 6 (Judgeford Hills) with modifications at its meeting on 12 December 2007. The Council’s decision on submissions and Proposed Plan Change 6 was publicly notified on 19 December 2007. A number of appeals to the Environment Court were received from local residents, EQM (the private plan change applicant), and Transpower.

Mediation between all parties took place during 2008, with the outcome that various Court-sanctioned agreements were reached regarding the points of appeal. Amendments were made to the plan change documents to reflect those agreements, and it is that amended version of the plan change that now forms part of the District Plan.

On 29 October 2008, the Council resolved that Plan Change 6 would become an operative part of the District Plan from 5 December 2008. From that time onwards, the provisions of Plan Change 6 take effect for the land within the Judgeford Hills Zone.


Copies of the various documents that comprise the plan change can be downloaded by following the links below:

Note: The Structure Plan, Building Sites Plan, and Transmission Gully Motorway Plan are all referred to by various provisions of the Operative Plan Change 6 wording.


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