Operative District Plan Change 2 – Business Park Zone



At the time that the Aotea Block Comprehensive Development Plan was approved by Council, the Aotea Block was zoned Suburban in the operative Porirua City District Plan. To better provide for, and to better manage, the range of activities proposed within the Comprehensive Development Plan Carrus needed to amend the District Plan provisions.

In discussion with Council, Carrus prepared four draft District Plan changes from march to may, 2003. These were released for public comment by Carrus over June and July, 2003. The feedback received was then considered by Carrus and appropriate amendment made to the draft changes.

On September 1, 2003 Carrus formally submitted the four proposed plan changes to Council. At its meeting on November 12, 2003 Council resolved to accept the four proposed plan changes and to notify them as private plan changes. As Council had already initiated the first change to the District Plan itself, the Above Ground Line Network Utility plan change, the four Aotea Block plan changes were numbered plan changes 2-5.

Statutory Process

Plan Change 2 sets zones 15 hectares of land in the western portion of the Aotea Block as Business Park Zone. The proposed Business Park Zone is an entirely new zone within Porirua City. The plan change:

  • Amends planning map 9 so that the proposed Business Park Zone is shown; and
  • Introduces new objectives, policies, rules and permitted activity standards to enable the establishment of a Business Park and to manage the effects of activities therein.

The hearing for proposed Plan Changes 2-5, and all submission and further submissions received on those Plan Changes was held on July 5-6, 2004.

Independent commissioners heard proposed Plan Change 2-5 and all of the submissions. The commissioners recommendations were presented to Council for its decision at an extraordinary Council meeting on August 17, 2004. At that meeting, Council resolved to:

  1. Approve proposed Plan Changes 2-5, subject to the modifications and supporting reasons recommended by the hearing commissioners in their report set out in Attachment 1; and
  2. Adopt in full, as its decision on all submissions received on proposed Plan Changes 2-5, the recommended decisions on the submissions and associated reasons for those decision set out within the hearing commissioners report.

Council’s decision was publicly notified in the Dominion Post on Saturday August 21, 2004.

One appeal to the Environment Council was made in relation to the Council’s decision on proposed Plan Change 2.

This appeal was settled on November 20004. Consequently Council resolved at its meeting on 15 December 2004 to approve Plan Change 2 and determined that it would become operative on 19 January 2005.



For further information please contact the Environment and City Planning Team on phone (04) 237 5089 or email enquiries@pcc.govt.nz.