Operative District Plan Change 12 - Recreation Zone and Public Open Space Zone Update



Plan Change 12 updated the Public Open Space Zone by:

  • Rezoning various areas of land that were recently vested as reserve to Public Open Space Zone;
  • Rezoning 9 Drivers Cres from Public Open Space to Suburban; and
  • Rezoning land owned by the Department of Conservation to Public Open Space.

Since the Public Open Space Zone was first prepared, a number of new reserves were vested to Council. Porirua City Council needs to undertake a District Plan change to amend its zoning maps to include these new reserves within the Public Open Space Zone. This was the primary purpose of Plan Change 12.

The property at 9 Drivers Crescent was not a reserve but was zoned Public Open Space by Plan Change 8. In 2007 Council resolved to sell 9 Drivers Crescent because it was surplus land and was not a reserve or park. Accordingly, Plan Change 12 changed the zoning of 9 Drivers Cres back to its original zoning (suburban).

Many of the Department of Conservation reserves and parks in Porirua City were not included in Plan Change 8. The Department of Conservation requested that Porirua City Council include these reserves within the Public Open Space Zone. For this reason, Plan Change 12 rezoned a number of Department of Conservation reserves and parks to Public Open Space.

The land affected by Plan Change 12 is set out in the documents available for download below. It is important to note that Plan Change 12 does not change the objectives, policies, rules or standards of the Public Open Space Zone.

Statutory process

Proposed Plan Change 12 was publicly notified on the 4th of May 2010 in the Kapi Mana and Dominion Post newspapers.

Submission closed on the 4th of June 2010. Six submissions were received by Council.

On the 6th of July 2010 Council notified a summary of these submissions, calling for further submissions in support or opposition to the original submission. The further submission period closed on the 20th of July, 2010. One further submission was received.

The hearing of submissions and further submissions was on the 25th of August, 2010.

Council's decision on matters raised in Submissions and Further Submissions was notified on 2 August 2011. Any person who made a submission or further submission on Proposed Plan Change 12 who is not satisfied with the decision of Council has a right of appeal to the Environment Court under Clause 14 of the First Schedule of the RMA.

No appeals were received.

An operative date was set for 1st March 2012. The operative date was publicly notified in the Dominion Post on 21st February 2012, and in the Kapi-Mana News on 28th of February 2012.


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