Aotea Block Development Plan

This page describes the Aotea Block Development Plan.




The 246-hectare Aotea Block is of significant strategic importance to Porirua City because of its large size, and its location adjacent to the City Centre, the motorway and the railway. It is the largest area for urban growth within the City’s boundaries. It is also very visible, and the type and quality of development on the Block will set the tone for the development of the City over the next 15 to 20 years.

In recognition of the importance of the site Council acquired the Block in April 2000. Council then identified a strategic vision for the Block, which is detailed in the "Aotea Block Development Strategy" (June 2000). The overall aim identified through this Strategy is to:

Achieve an integrated, mixed-use development that responds to and enhances the important landscape features of the Block.

Having identified this aim, Council then commenced the process to find suitable developer. In early 2002 the City Council identified Carrus Corporation Limited as the preferred developer for the Aotea Block. Carrus Corporation then spent the next 6 months refining their development concept and preparing their Comprehensive Development Proposal for the Block. As part of this work Carrus Corporation undertook consultation with a wide variety of community and interest groups, and individuals. Carrus Corporation also maintained on-going communication with City Council officers.

Carrus Corporation presented their Comprehensive Development Proposal to Council at a public workshop on Thursday 24 October 2002.

Main Features

Some of the main features of the development proposal prepared by Carrus Corporation are:

  • A business park, comprising some 15 hectares, is proposed to be located in the north and northwest part of the Block.
  • A range of mixed-use activities are proposed on the eastern boundary of Aotea College.
  • Provision of approximately 90 hectares of reserves, including 5 neighbourhood reserves and 1 larger recreation reserve, to be located in the centre of the block.
  • Walkways that link up the different areas of the Block and which link the Block to surrounding residential and commercial areas.
  • Two neighbourhood commercial centres to serve the communities immediate retail needs.
  • Protection of the landscape values of Baxter’s Knob, the southern and south-western escarpments and the main ridgeline.
  • Significant attention to streetscape detail, such as street planting, street lights and pavement features.
  • Employment opportunities for the City based on the construction of the development and the on-going commercial activity proposed for various locations within the Block.
  • Areas of varying residential density, which will provide a range of housing options for the City’s future growth and also help reinforce commercial activity, both on-site and in the City centre.
  • An undertaking from the developer to construct and maintain extensive erosion and sediment control measures during construction, to protect the City’s water ways.

Objectives for the Development of the Block

When Council signed the development agreement with Carrus Corporation in May 2002 it identified 6 objectives for the development of the Block. These objectives are:

    • Creation of a character and identity for the development which reinforces the strategic importance of the Land;
    • Retention and enhancement of the Aotea Block’s landscape values;
    • Provision for a range of uses including commercial, residential, recreational, tourism and open space.
    • Development of an open space network to provide visual connection and recreation access through the site;
    • Increasing employment opportunities;
    • Enhancing links to the Porirua City Centre.

Under the development agreement signed between Carrus Corporation and Council, Council is required to assess whether any development proposal prepared by Carrus met these conditions.

Council Decision

Following it’s own review and feedback period, Council met on 5 December 2002 to consider Carrus Corporation’s Comprehensive Development Proposal. At this meeting Council approved the development proposal subject to 31 conditions. Go to the Minutes of the Special Council Meeting (59KB pdf) to view these conditions and the associated Council resolutions.

In general the conditions are designed to ensure that Carrus:

  • completes the development, including the proposed mix of land uses, in accordance with the Comprehensive Development Proposal;
  • appropriately protects and develops the Block’s landscape, ecological and recreation resources;
  • works with the Council to further investigate and, if a satisfactory route can be found, jointly fund a combined road link to eastern Porirua and the City Centre;
  • constructs appropriate infrastructure networks; and
  • undertakes a Private District Plan Change which includes provisions that provide for the range of proposed land uses and mitigates the potential effects of the development proposal.

In late January Carrus advised Council that it accepted the conditions subject to one minor amendment to which Council agreed at Special Council meeting on 13 February, 2003.

Resource Consent Applications

Running parallel with the processes associated with the Comprehensive Development Proposal, Carrus Corporation may continue to make resource consent applications for different stages of the Aotea Block development. The resource consent application for the first stage of the Aotea Block development has been heard and approved by an independent hearing commissioner.

District Plan changes

Carrus submitted four District Plan Change Requests to Council covering business park, medium density residential development, commercial recreation on Baxters Knob and the Aotea Mixed use area and suburban shopping centre.

Full information can be found on the District Plan Changes 2-5 page under the District Plan.

Map of Aotea Block

This map is designed to be viewed on screen to give you a general impression of the development.

If you wish, you can download and print a full A4 sized Aotea Block Concept Land Use Plan (627KB pdf).

Map of Aotea Block Development Proposal.

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