Landscape Project

This page describes a project Porirua City Council has initiated to develop a strategy to manage Porirua's Rural Landscapes.

The Landscape Project forms part of the Rural Review.

Technical Review

The project commenced in 2008 with a Landscape Management Technical Review which took stock of the previous work by the Council on Landscape Management in Porirua.  The technical review also looked at other Councils in New Zealand with similar landscape management issues and recommended an approach to landscape management for Porirua.  The report on the technical review is available for download from this page.

Landscape Character Description

The technical review recommended that landscape character units be described based on natural catchment boundaries.  A catchment is an area of land that drains into a common stream or creek, and it makes for good practice if the land is managed to maintain good water quality throughout these catchments from the hilltops to the sea.  The key aspects of each catchment have been evaluated.  A map showing these landscape catchment boundaries is available for download below.  The Council now needs to talk about this work with the community.

Consultation on Landscape Values

The Council is running a series of workshops and meetings to understand what is important in terms of Porirua's landscapes, and to check whether we are right about the work we have done to-date.  Some workshops for the general public have already been held (in March 2009), and other discussions with various community groups are still pending.  For more information on this, please contact Peter Matich DDI (04) 237 1498 or

Landscape Management Strategy

The Council will confirm a strategy for managing landscapes following the community workshops.  This strategy is expected to encompass a range of regulatory and non-regulatory landscape management tools as may be appropriate.  The strategy will be used to inform the review of the District Plan in terms of rural landscape management issues.

Any enquiries concerning the Landscape Project may be directed to Peter Matich DDI (04) 237 1498 or

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