Turangawaewae - Waitangirua Mall Murals

Waitangirua Mall murals

These photos show the latest murals on the Waitangirua Mall facing the new park.  The community has been delighted with the result and the murals are a real eye-catcher from all areas of the park and the road.  The project was completed in January 2013.

Waitangirua Mall mural.

Waitangirua Mall mural.
Waitangirua Mall murals. (Photo: Dale Hartle)

  • Download and print a full Description of the murals and artists (408KB pdf)

Another thing at the Waitangirua Mall is this lovely piece of art on the utility box near the entrance to the mall. 

Utility box artwork.
Waitangirua Mall utility box artwork.  (Photo: Dale Hartle)

In 2010 a student at Natone park school, wrote to the city council to ask if something could be done about the ugly mess that they had to look at from their school after all the effort they had made to beautify their school.

Over 18 months a plan slowly came together with the PCC Graffiti Manager of the time Trev Mason and Housing NZ community services Lyn Hollings approaching 9 different community groups with the idea of putting up murals on this graffiti hot spot.

Waitangirua Mall before paintover.

In December 2011,  with community volunteers and paint from the mall owner, the Mall was given a paint over.

The paintout begins.

The 9 community groups put up their designs and painted their murals over two weeks of rain and shine.

The designs take shape.

The end result:  A stunning wall for the kids to look at and the community to be proud of.  Lots of comments from the participants  about how neat it would be to keep going around the front of the mall with murals now.  New council graffiti manager Richard Witheford-Smith says it will be quite  possible in the future with further community support and it would make the new park look really spectacular.

The end result - stunning!

The view from Natone School - Stunning!

The view from the local school.

Thanks to all the groups that participated:  Wesley Community Action Waitangirua;  Te Toka Ahuru Kohanga Reo; Maraeroa Marae; Corinna school; Streets Ahead 237; Natone Park School;  Refugee Services, South Pacific Academy and (still to come) Porirua College, and thanks to the other volunteer groups who helped with the paint out.