Lizard Garden Planting

On Sunday May 24th 2015, members of the Plimmerton and Paremata Residents Associations, Te Rito Gardens and Conservation Volunteers and Paremata/Plimmerton rugby club joined forces to plant about 650 metres of rail corridor between Plimmerton and Mana as part of a graffiti reduction and city beautification project. 

The plants we used were chosen to encourage birds and lizards to use this wild area.  

Around 550 plants were planted in a few hours and we look forward to seeing them grow and making this area much more pleasant for everyone walking or travelling past by train.

Image showing people planting the Lizard Garden.

Paremata Plimmerton rugby club members get stuck into planting.

Image showing a member of the community with chosen plants.

Paremata Residents Association member  takes plants to planting site.

Image showing members discussing chosen plants.

Volunteers discuss the merits of the plants chosen for the project.

Thank you to all those who organised and assisted on the day.