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Useful Cycle Websites

Bike Light Test

A test of different bike light-models for front and side visibility from the Greater Wellington Regional Council - Be Safe Be Seen.

Cycle Road Code

The official New Zealand Code for Cyclists from the New Zealand Transport Agency is a user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices, plus has handy tips and information about bikes.

Cycling and Walking Journey Planner

The Journey Planner web site can be used to show you the best route to walk or cycle between two locations. This online tool provides a detailed route and elevation information, shows points of interest and even includes a calorie counter.


Mapmyride is an international web site where you can plot a cycle route anywhere in the world to determine the distance and elevation profile of the route. Map out your favourite ride to see how long and steep it is.

Greater Wellington Regional Council

To find out more information about mountain biking in the Regional Parks in Porirua.

Report A Bad Driver

The Community Roadwatch programme has been designed for use by New Zealand Police to advise the owner of a motor vehicle about the unsafe or risky driving behaviour you have observed and reported where you do not wish the offender to be prosecuted. The Police will regard your report as confidential; in accordance with the provisions of the law as it relates to privacy and disclosure of information.

If you wish the incident to be investigated with a view to charges being laid in Court, you must lodge a formal complaint with your nearest police station. For emergencies phone 111 or contact for your local police station.

Cycle Maintenance

Bicycle Tutor - This website has short video clips showing clearly how to maintain or service the different areas of a bicycle.

Training Young Cyclists

Learning how to cycle properly makes cycling more enjoyable and safer for everyone – children, adults and other road users. CAN (Cyclists Advocates network) provides a network of professional cycling trainers aims to promote best practice cycle training, based on the New Zealand cycle skills guidelines. If you are training your own children, the guidelines provide a good basis of the skills areas you need to address.

National Clubs and Groups

BikeNZ is the new national umbrella organisation embracing Mountain Bike NZ, Cycling NZ, BMX NZ, NZ Schools Cycling, the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN), and NZ Masters Cycling. BikeNZ is responsible for the development of day-to-day (commuter), recreational and competitive cycling.

BMX New Zealand see

Cycling Advocates Network
New Zealand’s national advocacy organisation for cyclists.

New Zealand Mountainbike Web
A very informative site with comprehensive information on a wide range of topics from events and clubs to forums on advocacy, buy, sell, events, general discussion, and touring.

The most popular cycling website in New Zealand. Inside Vorb you'll find forums about cycling, events, news, vaguely organised rides, videos and thousands of photos.

For Local Cycle Groups, see our Local Cycling Groups page.

International Resources

Commuting by Bike: Safety Guide and Tips (USA)