Cycling for Women in Porirua

Click on this image to view our Walking and Cycling Tracks brochure (5MB pdf). This page has cycling information for women.

Women cycle for fitness

More and more women in Porirua are getting into cycling. It is great way of getting around and keeping fit, and a healthy family outing. It is fun too, especially if you cycle with a friend.

Did you know? In Europe more women cycle than men. In New Zealand, it is the other way around.

Download and print our Walking and Cycling Tracks in Porirua City (5MB pdf) brochure, or click on the image on the right.

Wellington's Revolve Cycling Group for Women

Revolve Cycling: Down to Earth Cycling Club for Women

Revolve is a fun cycling club for women of all abilities and skill levels. From first time riders to women racing every weekend, we all are stoked to ride our bikes! There’s heaps of fun to be had on the road and trails, including:

* FREE women’s only weekly group rides (road and MTB)
* Women’s skills clinics (road and MTB)
* Social activities (weekend trips away, potlucks, movie nights etc)
* Women’s only cycling events

All Revolve activities and events are open to anyone above the age of 18 (sorry no guys allowed…), but if you become a Revolve member you’ll receive sweet discounts and major brownie points for the women’s cycling movement…

So, whether you’re after some female buddies to ride with, want to get more confident on the bike, explore new areas or just want to have fun riding your bike, come along to one of the many activities and check it out!

Sign up to the Weekly Revolver (e-newsletter) for more details.

Come along for a couple of rides then “Join the Revolution” by becoming a Revolve member.

More info on or email Ash or Marjolein at

What every woman needs to know about cycling

There are many dedicated biking websites aimed at Women. Try out the following sites.

New Zealand's Frocks on Bikes – see 

The UK's Sustrans' website has a section dedicated for women - see

or try another UK website

or for something different, which is a commentary blog on world cycling fashions.

or a Romanian website for an organisation similar to NZ's Frocks on Bikes

finally for those that like inspiration about accessorising their bike try with their range cycling accessories.