Moonshine Road Slips

17 February 2017

Moonshine Road residents are likely to face some changing restrictions on Moonshine Road as we carry out work to repair slips in the area. We will keep this page updated during business hours and Facebook updated to tell people about the changes.

Since the events of 14 and 15 November we have been assessing all the slips on or near Council land using a geotechnical consultant company to advise on risk, consequence and potential solutions. This assessment phase was completed in January 2017 and it was used to prioritise actions and formulate required budgets.  As these have recently been approved, we are now in a position to start detailed investigations and design to resolve the worst of the slips.

The slip at 815 Moonshine Road is the most dangerous and of highest concern to the Council.  We are treating this slip under emergency conditions due to the risk of loss of road carriageway and the potential drop to the river below. The solution will most likely take the form of a rock anchored steel mesh retaining structure.

At the moment we hope the works can start the week beginning 27 February.

The works will require further road closures as it is most likely the construction plant will work from the road above the slip to drill the rock anchors and place the steel mesh.  We believe the works could take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Should the road be deemed unsafe or impassable any emergency restrictions will be notified via the Council’s website, Facebook page and/or by email to the residents’ associations.  Restrictions will be signed and marked appropriately along the road including advanced warning signs at the entry and exit points from SH58 and SH2.

If at all possible heavy commercial vehicles (HCV’s) should avoid the slip area.