Moonshine Road Slips

Repairs are currently being carried out at Moonshine Road to remedy slips in the area caused by the 14 and 15 November 2016 rains, and 11 and 12 March 2017 rains.

26 May 2017

The culvert remedial works near the ‘Red Shed’ were completed this week. Some seal replacement will be completed in the coming weeks. Site 815 continues to be unsuitable for heavy vehicles therefore traffic restrictions remain in place until the site is sufficiently stabilised to allow heavy vehicles to safely re-use this section of Moonshine Road. The weight restriction will be lifted at the earliest possible opportunity.

Traffic restrictions

Traffic restrictions are in place for heavy vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) and signs outlining these are in place at both ends of the road.

Road closures will occur from:

  • 9am to 2.30pm on all weekdays.

We will keep this page updated during business hours to tell people about the changes. We will continue to drop regular updates to residents (and residents associations) to inform them about changes.

The road remains open and will continue to be monitored for any changes.

The slip at 815 Moonshine Road is the most dangerous and of highest concern to the Council. We are treating this slip under emergency conditions due to the risk of loss of road carriageway and the potential drop to the river below. The solution will be a driven steel H pile timber-lagged retaining wall.

Works underway

Remedial work started on Monday 20 March and is expected to continue until some time in August (depending on weather).

Warning signs are in place at either end of Moonshine Road and Moonshine Valley Road, with a further two signs several kilometres in as secondary reminder notices. The work is being undertaken by Retaining and Civil Construction Ltd (RCC) with ATMS providing the traffic management.

Should the road be deemed unsafe or impassable, any emergency restrictions will be notified via the Council’s website, Facebook page and/or by email to the residents’ associations. Restrictions will be signed and marked appropriately along the road, including advanced warning signs at the entry and exit points from SH58 and SH2.

This route remains unsuitable for heavy and/or large vehicles (over 3.5 tonne).