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This web banner shows the word Takapuwahia lit up at night.

This page describes on-going Village Planning Programme work in Takapūwāhia. This programme is a partnership between Porirua City Council and the community of Takapūwāhia to develop and improve their village. To learn more about the Village Planning Programme view the home page.

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Takapūwāhia Village Planning - latest news


Takapūwāhia Village Planning update

The community is working on the following village planning projects:

  • Construction of a new waka ramp and outdoor shower
  • Establishment of community orchard at Rangituhi Park (behind the kindergarten)
  • Road safety improvements - 2 additional slow zones and associated signage
  • Takapūwāhia Marae - improvements to main Marae entrance following the style of paving in Te Hiko St
  • Mahinawa Stream - re-planting of stream (Elsdon Park and Mana College area) and Hukatai Stream - wetland system at Takapūwāhia Reserve

Final touches for Chapel St playground

The kids can hang out in the shade under Porirua’s first shaded picnic table at Takapūwāhia's Chapel St playground – which also now boasts a water fountain.

They are the finishing touches to an upgrade of the play area that has included brand new play equipment and fruit trees.

The work has been led by the community of Takapūwāhia through the Council’s village planning programme.

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Takapūwāhia Pou lighting and name plate artwork complete

Takapūwāhia is up in lights. The name plate and pou at the entrance to the village on the corners of Titahi Bay Rd and Te Hiko St is now bathed in light at night.

The artwork was created around a design developed by the Takapūwāhia community in partnership with the Council’s Village Planning Programme – to help create a sense of place and a gateway into the community.

The pou, depicting the stern and prow of a waka, was carved by Ngāti Toa carver Tana Salzmann. 

The name plate and pou lighting completes this project (pictured below).

This image shows the Takapuwahia name plate at the base of the pou lit at night.

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Takapūwāhia's community strategy (2014)

The community of Takapūwāhia has developed a new community strategy to update and build on their 2007 community strategic plan.

Takapūwāhia - He Rautaki a-hapori was presented (in a final draft form) to the Council's Village Planning Sub-committee in late November 2014. The strategy was received by the committee as a guiding document for the Council.

The strategy outlines the community's vision for Takapūwāhia and an action plan for how to enhance and improve it. It also describes the area's rich history and its current make up.

Take a look at the 2014 Takapūwāhia Community Strategy. (PDF 16.3MB)

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Takapūwāhia pou unveiled and blessed

Takapuwahia pou blessing.

Final resting place for pou

Two sculptured pou have been unveiled and blessed at the entrance to Takapūwāhia.

The ceremony went ahead in pouring rain in August 2012 to celebrate the arrival of the pou to mark the entrance into the village.

The pou have been designed and carved by local craftsman Tana Salzmann to depict the prow (Tauihu) and stern (Taurapa) of a waka. They are made of stainless steel and wood and the design was approved by local kaumatua.

They have been erected at the entrance to Takapūwāhia, on the corner of Titahi Bay Rd and Te Hiko St, and are the final touch to a major revamp of Te Hiko St and the Takapūwāhia entranceway.

Carvings represent Ngati Toa's philosophy

The waka design represents the journey the Ngati Toa tribe has undertaken to be in Porirua and sea is an important part of the tribe's philosophy. The carvings also feature Ngati Toa ancestor Toa Rangatira.

The work is being funded by through Council's Villages Planning Programme and the community of Takapūwāhia have been closely involved in the design and development of the pou.

Tana grew up in Takapūwāhia, living much of his life just two doors away from Takapūwāhia Marae. It's where he learnt to art of carving 35 years ago from master carver Kohe Webster. He has been involved in many projects since but says these Pou are among the most significant works he has done.

To view images of Tana Salzmann carving the pou go to our photogallery.

Below are some images of the blessing

Takapuwahia pou blessing.

Takapuwahia pou blessing.

Takapuwahia pou blessing.

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2007 Strategic Plan sets priorities for action

The Takapūwāhia community worked closely with council to develop its 2007 Strategic Plan.

The main areas of focus were:

  • The Ngati Toa harbour and foreshore development,
  • The creation of an appropriate entrance way into Takapūwāhia,
  • Raising the physical profile and awareness of Ngati Toa and Takapūwāhia,
  • Improving traffic movement along Titahi Bay Road, as well as safety for motorists and pedestrians travelling to and from Te Hiko Street and Wi Neera Drive,
  • Eliminating flooding and drainage problems in Takapuwahia,
  • Creating a safe pedestrian and cycle pathway along the foreshore side of Titahi Bay Road,
  • Improving public access along the western foreshore between Onepoto and the central business district.

Strategic Plan Concept takes objectives further

To further the objectives raised in the village plan, a Takapūwāhia Strategic Plan Concept was drawn up. It was developed in collaboration with Ngati Toa by the Council’s landscape architect, Lynne Wilson, during the first half of 2007.

This concept plan included:

  • Landscaping and street improvement works in Takapūwāhia Village – Te Hiko Street and Tangare Drive,
  • A harbour side promenade linking Onepoto to Wi Neera Drive,
  • The construction of a Waka Shelter in Wi Neera Drive,
  • Reconstruction of the stormwater main in Te Hiko Street,
  • Safety improvements to the intersection of Te Hiko Street-Titahi Bay Road and Wi Neera Drive.

The Council is continuing to work with Ngati Toa and the Takapūwāhia community to ensure the Village Plan is put into action.

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Takapūwāhia Village Planning Contacts:

Please go to the Village Planning Programme contacts page

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