Pukerua Bay Village Planning

This image shows a view of the opening of Pukerua Bay skatepark.

This page describes the latest Village Planning work carried out in Pukerua Bay, in a partnership between the community and Porirua City Council. To learn more about the Village Planning Programme visit the home page.

To learn more about Pukerua Bay go to the community website http://www.pukeruabay.org.nz/

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Pukerua Bay village Planning - Latest News


Pukuera Bay village planning update

The following village planning projects have been identified for this financial year (2016/17):

  • Muri Reserve community garden/food forest
  • Green and gold trails
  • Muri reserve development
  • SH1 Ara Harakeke walkway extension

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Green and Gold trail

Four information station posts are in place along the Ara Harakeke pathway as part of Pukerua Bay’s green and gold trail. (July 2014)

The posts will have information plaques added and will form the start of the trail that will highlight historical and geographical highlights through the village.

Starting with the Pou on the foreshore (see information below) each site will be identified with a numbered marker post, a brief piece of information, and a QR code that will take viewers to web links for more information. The trail will also be the subject of a pamphlet that will list each numbered site and information about it.

A community group has spent a lot of time identifying the sites and collecting information about them.

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Community clean-up local reserve

Pukerua Bay residents clear rubbish from Raroa Reserve.

Pukerua Bay residents clear rubbish from Raroa Reserve

Residents reclaim reserve

Pukerua Bay residents turned up in force to reclaim a local reserve which has been used as a private dumping ground for years.

Residents gathered on the last weekend in August to haul out a huge amount of rubbish from Raroa Reserve - as pictured below.

The organising group were thrilled with the number of residents who turned up to help clean the reserve, with support from PCC.

The group are also working on an education campaign to change attitudes to rubbish dumping, with local school children designing posters and signs.

Over the years the reserve has been littered with everything from general household waste and weeds, to major appliances and building material.

To find out more and be involved contact Ted Coats on (04) 239-8241.

Children from Pukerua Bay help clean up Raroa Reserve.

Pukerua Bay children help clean-up Raroa Reserve.

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Dawn unveiling and blessing for Pukerua Bay pou

Pukerua Bay residents admire the pou after the dawn blessing. Photograph by Ivor Earp-Jones.

Pukerua Bay residents admire the pou after the dawn blessing. Photograph by Ivor Earp-Jones

Carved pou unveiled and blessed on Pukerua Bay foreshore

A magnificent 6m high carved Pou Tangaroa (God of the Sea) has been unveiled and blessed on the Pukerua Bay foreshore.

About 100 people turned up at 5.45am for the dawn ceremony led by Ngati Toa in December 2012.

The pou was designed and carved by Pukerua Bay resident and Ngati Toa carver Hermann Salzmann, with the help of Ngati Toa carvers as required. It tells the story of the area’s marine reserve and the significance and history of the site at the end of Ocean Bay Parade.

"This is a great challenge for me and I'm quite proud to do it for the community," says Hermann.

Pukerua Bay Residents Association chair, Iain MacLean, says the pou represents the sense of guardianship the residents and Ngati Toa feel towards the bay, and will be connected to the heritage and environment trails the community is developing. "It expresses the community values that are the foundation of our village plan."

The work was carried out through the Village Planning Programme, at the request of the Pukerua Bay community, which signed off the pou design. A local resident also provided the design for the pou’s substantial foundation works.

Pukerua Bay carver Hermann Salzmann works on the massive pou. Behind him is an impression of how the final piece will look.

Pukerua Bay carver Hermann Salzmann works on the massive pou. Behind him is an impression of how the final piece will look.

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Pukerua Bay emergency action plan developed

This image shows the front page of the Pukerua Bay Emergency Plan.

Community prepared for emergency

The Pukerua Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management team have prepared an emergency action plan for the community.

Its aim is to increase preparedness and resilience within the local community by developing a co-ordinated approach that complements the plans of corresponding agencies.

You can download or read a copy of the Pukerua Bay Emergency Management Plan 2012 (700KB pdf)

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The creation of a village plan for Pukerua Bay

This photograph shows a view of Pukerua Bay beach.

This photograph shows a view of Pukerua Bay beach.

New updated Village Plan for Pukerua Bay

Pukerua Bay has a new village Plan. The 2011 Pukerua Bay Village Plan was presented to by the Pukerua Bay Residents Association to the Council in October 2011.

The new plan builds on the first 2007 village plan, which has been a big success with many of the goals set by the community have been achieved.

The new plan is again based on a survey of residents which asked what they valued most about their community and how it could be improved.

The Village Plan sets out the resident's top priorities as:

  1. protecting our beach and marine environment
  2. making Pukerua Bay a safe place to walk and cycle
  3. dependable public transport
  4. a natural environment.

You can download a copy of the 2011 Pukerua Bay Village Plan. (1.43 pdf)

View the original 2007 Pukerua Bay Village Plan (2.21MB pdf)

The Pukerua Bay Residents Association drove the development of the 2007 village plan with a survey of residents during 2006 to identify what they wanted to see happen in their community. This was supported through a series of public meetings and extensive community consultation.

The finding of the survey and feedback from community meetings was brought together in a village plan, which was presented to Council in 2007.

Through the village planning work the community identified serious problems with traffic and pedestrian access in and out of the village across State Highway One. These concerns were presented to the New Zealand Transport Authority in a comprehensive Neighbourhood Accessibility Plan. See below:

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Pukerua Bay Village Planning contacts, meetings and community information

Please go to the Village Planning Programme contacts page

To find out about meeting dates for Pukerua Bay Residents Association please go to the PCC Events Calendar

To learn more about Pukerua Bay go to the community website http://www.pukeruabay.org.nz/

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