Pauatahanui Village Planning

This image shows a view of Pauatahanui village.

This page describes the latest Village Planning work carried out in Pāuatahanui , in a partnership between the community and Porirua City.

The Village Planning Programme is a partnership between Porirua City and communities to develop the neighbourhoods they want. To learn more about the Village Planning Programme visit the home page.

Learn more about Pauatahanui on the Pāuatahanui Residents Association webpage.

On this page you will find:

Pauatahanui's village planning - news

Pāuatahanui village planning update

The community is working on the following village planning projects:

  • Completion and the addition of any further safety measures associated with the school bus bay
  • Installation of a bus shelter on the school side of the existing bus bay – for pupils waiting for school buses (subject to confirmation)

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A new bus shelter for Pāuatahanui

Work is underway to develop a bus shelter in front of Pāuatahanui School to help shelter the many students and residents who catch buses in the village each day.

Porirua City is working with the Pāuatahanui Residents Association and Greater Wellington Regional Council to develop the shelter.

Local artist Jan Cromie has developed locally themed art for the bus shelter windows -as pictured below.

The aim is to have it ready to be used by term three 2017.

This image shows art work being developed by artist Jan Cromie for the windows of a new bus shelter at Pauatahanui

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Welcome signs for Pāuatahanui

You'll find new signs welcoming you to Pāuatahanui, following a village planning project to develop signage at the entrances to the village.

The signs have gone up on the three main entrances to the village on Grays Rd, Paekakariki Hill Road by Jones Deviation and Paekakariki Hill Road by the Light House Cinema.

They are made from Corten steel, which will oxidise over time to become a russet colour, and timber slat detailing.

The sign design was chosen by the community and Pāuatahanui Residents Association, following a vote on a range of options developed by a local designer.

This photograph shows a view of the Pauatahanui Welcome sign on Grays Rd.

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Pāuatahanui history trail unveiled

Six-year-old Alice Robinson takes a look at one of the Pauatahanui history trail sites with project team member Anna Dellow.

Six-year-old Alice Robinson takes a look at one of the Pāuatahanui history trail sites with project team member Anna Dellow

Step back in time with a walk through Pauatahanui’s new history trail.

The trail features 12 information stations throughout the village that highlight its rich history in images and text; from the site of the first Maori Pa to the original blacksmiths, hotels and local store.

The project was spearheaded by the Pāuatahanui Residents’ Association in partnership with the Council’s Village Planning Programme.

Anna Dellow, of the Pāuatahanui Residents’ Association helped drive the history project and is thrilled with the final results.

The history trail features 10 upright plinths and two main information boards and was one of the priorities identified by the community when Pāuatahanui developed its village plan.

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School bus bay safety project

Pāuatahanui School's bus bay has been redesigned in a bid to make school drop offs and pick-ups safer

The project has been led by the Pāuatahanui Residents Association, in partnership with the school, Porirua City Council, local transport providers and Downers, to come up with a plan to ease congestion and improve safety.

A drop-off zone has been created and parking is now not allowed during school operating hours.

School parents and the bus companies report the new design is working well and we want to thank everyone who has adapted so quickly to the new layout and made it a success.


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Safety barrier makes Pāuatahanui school trip safer

This image shows two Whitby school girls riding their bike alongside the new safety barrier on the corner of SH58 and Joseph Banks Drive in Pauatahanui.

Caption: Lucy Keys (11) and Mily Keys (9) enjoy a safer trip to and from Pauatahanui School each day thanks to a new safety barrier built alongside SH58.

It’s just become a whole lot safer to get to school for Whitby children heading to and from Pāuatahanui school.

A safety barrier has been built around the footpath on the busy corner of SH58 and Joseph Banks Drive at the request of the community.

“It was really only a matter of time before an accident happened as one of the kids overshot the footpath and went into traffic,” said Whitby mum Shannon Keys. Her girls Lucy and Mily (pictured) travel to and from Pāuatahanui School each day.
“Now it is so much safer, especially for the kids on bikes and scooters. We’re really pleased this work has been done.” Shannon said.

The barrier was built through the Council’s Village Planning Programme in partnership with the Pāuatahanui Residents Association, which raised the need to make the corner safer.

"We're really happy to see the barrier up," says Pāuatahanui Residents Association village planning co-ordinator Anna Dellow. "It was something the community was really keen to see happen, so we made it a priority for our village planning work with the Council."

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Carpark safety upgrade

Work is complete on a pedestrian safety upgrade and tidy-up of the carpark area south of the Pāuatahanui Lighthouse Cinema.

The improvements were requested by residents because the carpark is becoming increasingly busy, particularly at school drop off and pick up time.

The Pāuatahanui Residents Association worked with the Council's Village Planning Programme to develop a design that has:

  • Extended the footpath leading past the cinema to cleanly link with the bridge to improve access,
  • Create a clear pathway over the bridge,
  • Improve pedestrian access from the bridge, and across the carpark, to link with the existing Whitby walkway,
  • Upgrade lighting in the carpark to improve safety,
  • Improve signage.
  • upgrade landscaping

This photograph shows a general view of the Pauatahanui carpark showing the new footpaths and raised pedestrian crossing.


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Pāuatahanui history book launched

This image shows the front jacket of the Pauatahanui history book.

Pāuatahanui: A local history was officially launched in late October 2013.

It's the culmination of years of hard work by the Pāuatahanui History Group, which has been driving the project since early 2010.

The group has raised more than $50,000 through fundraising evenings and grants to pay historian Helen Reilly to write the manuscript and for Geoff Norman and his team to design and produce the book.

The book is around 300 pages long and has 60:40 text:imagesm, with more than 300 historic paintings, photos, maps and graphics in both colour and black and white.

It covers the period from pre-Maori to the present and includes the whole of the old Pāuatahanui district which stretched from modern Camborne to Paekakariki, Moonshine, and included Whitby.

If you wish to find out more about the book and take a peek inside please visit

The book is or sale at the launch for $65 and can be purchased through the website.

For more information contact Gael McRoberts on phone 237-7112 and email

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Work complete on final stage of Pāuatahanui Village upgrade

This photograph shows the finished footpath that now runs through Pautahanui Village (May 2013).

This photograph shows the finished footpath that now runs through Pautahanui Village (May 2013)

Final stage of Pauatahanui Village upgrade completed

Work on the final stage of the Pāuatahanui Village upgrade is complete.

This final and third section of work included paving and widening of the footpath past the cafe and store to create one long, even pathway through the village. Trip hazards in the footpath and the pedestrian crossing have been evened out. Two extra carparks and a parking bay for motorcycles have been created through the removal of an old wooden platform and shrubs (pictured below left) at the northern end of the Pauatahanui store. The work was completed by the end of May 2013.

The improvements were requested and signed-off by the community and link in with earlier upgrades to the northern and southern ends of Pauathanui village, which were completed during 2011.

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Developing Pāuatahanui's Village Plan

Pāuatahanui developed a village plan following an extensive process led by the Residents Association. It involved a series of workshops during 2008 attended by residents, retailers, the school and government, community agencies and council representatives.

The final village plan, launched in early 2009, focuses on issues such as traffic safety, ecology, sewage and reclaiming lost character of the historically significant village.

The aim of the plan is to provide a framework for planning and decision-making on matters concerning the development and maintenance of the village.

Village Plan Projects

The Village Plan has four key areas for action:

  • Village Centre Enhancement
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement
  • Enhanced Recreational Opportunities
  • Heritage Protection and Enhancement

Work is underway on the Village Centre Enhancement and Heritage Protection and Enhancement.

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Pauatahanui Village Planning contacts:

For Pāuatahanui's village planning contacts please go to the main Village Planning Programme contacts page

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Pauatahanui community information

To find out about meeting dates for the Pāuatahanui Residents Association please go to the PCC Events Calendar

To learn more about the Pāuatahanui Residents Association, read the community newsletter and find out about local events please go to the Pāuatahanui Residents Association webpage.

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