Paremata Village Planning

This image shows a view of residents involved in a survey to create the Paremata Village Plan.

This page describes the latest Village Planning work carried out in Paremata and Papakowhai, in a partnership between the community and Porirua City Council.

The Village Planning Programme is a partnership between Porirua City Council and communities to develop the neighbourhoods they want. To learn more about the Village Planning Programme visit the home page.

To learn more about Paremata go to the community website:

On this page you will find:

Paremata Village Planning - latest news

Paremata village planning update

The community is working on the following village planning projects:

  • Measures to stop and restore the on-going erosion of the Dolly Varden foreshore reserve
  • Enhancement of the coastal walkway and beach access around Goat Point

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Paremata High-Tide Walkway

The northern end of the new Paremata Dolly Varden beach high-tide walkway.

The completed northern end of the new Paremata Dolly Varden beach high-tide walkway (January 2016)

A new high-tide walkway has been created above Paremata’s Dolly Varden beach to provide alternative access between the main carpark and the Camborne walkway.

Two new sections of walkway at the northern and southern ends of the beach walk have been constructed, while in between walkers continue to use the grassed high-tide areas.

The aim of the work is to create an alternate walkway that can be used at all times and to stop the current use of rough tracks that is contributing to foreshore erosion.

The work was done in a partnership between the Paremata Residents Association and Porirua City Council through the Village Planning Programme.

The pathway is on Council esplanade land.

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Paremata's Dolly Varden toilet block revamp complete

A makeover of the Dolly Varden toilet block is complete and it was formally opened in December 2014.

The revamp has seen the old concrete block replaced with a modern high quality facility, as pictured below.

This photograph shows the Dolly Varden toilets after the revamp.

After (above)

Before (below)

This photograph shows a view of the Dolly Varden toilet block before any proposed upgrade.

Beachfront toilet block gets a modern make-over.

A makeover of the Dolly Varden reserve was requested by the Paremata community and was a top priority in the Paremata Village Plan.

Work to upgrade the toilets is being done through the Council's toilet renewal programme and is not a Village Planning project - however landscaping of the reserve was achieved through the Village Planning Programme.

The revamped toilet block was designed by local Paremata-based architects SPACE and features a marine themed look, outdoor shower, seating and pergola area, plus a high quality interior refit.

Construction company, Multibuild Schwass, which is based in Plimmerton’s Northpoint Industrial Park, carried out the work.

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Dolly Varden planting - final touches to first stage of upgrade

This photo shows Anna Shaw (left) and Eva Cochrane (right) of Paremata school taking part in the planting day at Dolly Varden Reserve.

This photograph shows Anna Shaw (left) and Eva Cochrane (right) of Paremata School taking part in the community planting day at Dolly Varden reserve.

Public planting puts the finishing touches to first stage upgrade

A public planting day put the finishing touches to the first stage of an upgrade of Paremata’s Dolly Varden Reserve.

A group of around 12 residents, including children from Paremata School, helped bed in around 300 saltmarsh plants during September 2012.

The photograph below shows the planting team.

This photograph shows the team who took part in the planting day at Dolly Varden Reserve.

Reserve upgrade

The upgrade to the reserve has involved improving the pathways around the reserve by widening and extending them to join with the main road footpath along Mana Esplanade. The boat ramp has also been upgraded.

The upgrade was a top priority in Paremata’s Village Plan and designs were drawn up in consultation with the Paremata Residents Association

A bit of Paremata history

The name Dolly Varden comes from a rowing skiff named Dolly Varden that was owned by a local farmer and won many early races at the Paremata Boating Club. Dolly Varden is also a character in the novel Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.

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Paremata's Village Plan presented to the Council

This image shows the front page of the Paremata Village Plan.

Plans lays out Paremata's future

The Paremata's Village Plan was formally presented to the Council by the community in June 2013.

The plan was completed and adopted by the community at a public meeting in August 2012 following extensive public consultation.

Actions that the community identified to be addressed first included:

  • beautification of the Dolly Varden Beach (see below),
  • changing the lane behind the Mana Post Office to a courtesy 2 way
  • and extending and joining existing water ways and cycleways.

The Village Plan includes a vision for Paremata, a history section and details of an audit of Paremata assets such as services, businesses, schools, facilities etc.

There is also an Action Plan section that identifies what improvements local residents would like to see happen. This section will change over time as actions are completed and new priorities suggested.

Download a copy of the 2012 Paremata Village Plan

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The Paremata Residents Association

The Paremata Residents Association covers a broad area that stretches from Whitford Brown Ave in Papakowhai, through Paremata & Mana and into Camborne. Download a map of the area.

To contact the Association, email Paremata Residents Association Secretary Judi Doornbos at

Community Website:

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Paremata Village Planning Contacts

For the latest Paremata village planning contacts please go to the main Village Planning Programme contacts page

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Community Meeting Dates & minutes

To find out about meeting dates for the Paremata Residents Association please go to the PCC Events Calendar


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