Cannons Creek Village Planning

This image shows a view of people in Cannons Creek's main street.

This page describes the ongoing Village Planning Programme work in Cannons Creek. The programme is a partnership between Porirua City and the community of Cannons Creek to develop and improve their village.
To learn more about about the Village Planning Programme visit the home page.

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Cannons Creek Village Planning - Latest news

Village Planning update

Cannons Creek have a new community group - Creeksiders. The group is continuing the village planning work underway in the community.

Find out more through the Creeksiders Facebook page

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Cannons Creek public hui

The community of Cannons Creek are being invited to a public hui on Wednesday, 14 June, to discuss important local issues and plan for the future of the village.

The hui is being held at 6pm at Windley School, Hampshire St.

To find out more talk to Paula MacEwan 02102436988

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Calliope Park claimed back by the community.

This photograph shows children playing at the new Calliope Park playground in Cannons Creek.

Children play at Calliope Park's revamped playground

Calliope Park in Cannons Creek is now teeming with kids and families after being reclaimed by the community.

The park has been revamped through the Village Planning Programme that involved the City working closely with residents.

The design for the redevelopment of the park was done by the community following brainstorming sessions at community BBQs, meetings and street surveys.

The project happened in stages between 2012 and 2015 with drainage and grass work followed by lighting improvements and a new footpath. The basketball court was then upgraded and extended and picnic tables and seats installed.

The next stage saw the old playground dismantled and a new one built on the sunny, southern end of the park alongside Warspite Ave. The old playground structure was recrafted off-site by Plimmerton Rotary into four pieces of adult fitness equipment which were installed back into the park.

It’s been a magnet for children and their families ever since.

The photograph below shows children playing on the new playground shortly after it was opened.

This photograph shows children playing at the new playground at Calliope Park in Cannons Creek.

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Cannons Creek residents turn out in force to present their village plan to Council

About 40 members of the Cannons Creek community turned out to present their village plan to Council in November 2012.

The colourful plan (pictured below) has been developed over two and a half years by the Cannons Creek Residents and Ratepayers Association in consultation with the community.

This image shows the front page of the Cannons Creek Village Plan.

Chairman Aporo Joyce presented the plan and told councillors it would help shape the future of Cannons Creek.

"This plan is for today and the future. It sets out our community's view of how they would like to see Cannons Creek develop."

View a copy of the final plan (2.79MB)

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Cannons Creek contacts

For the latest Cannons Creek contacts please go to the Village Planning Programme contacts page

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