Strategic Priority for children and young people - Education

We are interested in education as part of our new strategic priority that places children and young people at the centre of city decisions.

This means we will:

What’s New?

Schools e-Newsletter

We have put together an e-Newsletter for Porirua schools and early childhood education centres which is updated every term.

Educational Success

Improving educational outcomes for our children and young people has been identified as a priority by the community. We are focusing on gaining a better understanding of education issues and challenges through our work with schools, community discussions, student feedback and data analysis.

Educational success is also a government priority.  Investing in Educational Success (IES) is the Government initiative (led by the Ministry of Education) aimed at lifting student achievement as well as offering new career opportunities for teachers and principals.

As part of the IES, schools are being encouraged to establish local “Communities of Learning” to work together to raise student achievement. These Communities of Learning, or COLs, set shared goals based on information about their students’ educational needs and work together to achieve them.

Porirua has three Communities of Learning (COLs) in the West, East and North of the City.


Ministry of Education consultation on future schooling provision in North Porirua - Aotea

The Ministry of Education is looking to make changes in schooling in North Porirua because of growth in student numbers.  Three options were proposed and over 100 people provided feedback. The Ministry is analysing the data to find out if there is a preferred option.  They will then seek the Minister's approval before starting a formal consultation on the approved option.  You can find out more on the Ministry of Education website.


Education Act has been recently updated

The Education (Update) Amendment Bill passed its third and final reading on 11 May 2017 and has been described by the Minister of Education as the biggest reform to education in nearly 30 years. Changes in the new Act take effect from 19 May 2017. 

A summary and schedule of changes can be found on the Ministry of Education website:


Education Counts Website - great source of information

A wide range of performance-related education information is available on the Education Counts website (Ministry of Education), including:


City and Schools Partnership Programme

This programme is a partnership between ourselves and local schools, facilitated by Partners Porirua. The aim of the City and Schools Programme is to foster strong citizenship values and give our young people a voice in the city through the development of projects. 

We encourage active learning at school about local government, civics and how to make things work at the local level. 

We also link our kids with their local Village Planning programme.

Find out more from the Partners Porirua website.


Villages Programme

We’re keen to help schools get more involved in local village planning – putting communities in charge of developing a vision for their neighbourhoods and then partnering with us to make it happen.

Thirteen communities are actively involved in the Villages Programme – some are just starting, others are well underway.

Contact Justine McDermott (Senior Advisor Partnerships) on 04 237 1614 or email to chat about options.

You can find out more on our Great Village and City Experience pages.

Youth 2 Work Movement

The Youth2Work Movement brings students, educators, businesses and the community to work together, to invest in quality education and jobs for our young people. The aim is to have all Porirua 18 and 19 year olds either "earning or learning".

We have contracted Partners Porirua to coordinate Youth2Work activities. You can find out more from the Partners Porirua website.


Free WiFi in City Centre

We launched a fast, free public Wi-Fi service throughout the city centre in December 2015, to give businesses and residents in the CBD the opportunity to sign up to a fibre broadband service at a fraction of the installation cost of other fibre packages.

The service is part of our commitment to increasing foot traffic, as well as promoting commercial and residential growth in the city centre.

Free public Wi-Fi links well with educational services we provide at Pātaka and at the central library.