Porirua's stable and diverse workforce

This page describes Porirua’s young, culturally diverse and highly educated workforce.

Managers at Wellington Windows and Doors discussing a problem.
Managers at Wellington Windows and Doors discussing a problem.

Educated, creative and culturally diverse workforce

Porirua City’s enviable lifestyle attracts and retains a stable workforce. The city’s young population and strong tertiary education sector provide the base for a growing and diverse workforce.

Porirua has a culturally diverse population with a high level of creativity. This diversity is reflected in the range of skills available among potential employees, from educated professionals and managers to skilled technicians, semi-skilled labourers and factory workers.

Thirty-eight per cent of the Porirua City workforce has a tertiary qualification and the average income in Porirua is more than $62,400 – higher than the Wellington regional and national averages. As well as the resident workforce, businesses can easily access to over 490,000 people in the wider region, most within an easy 20-minute commute.

Council’s commitment to workforce development

Porirua City Council is committed to workforce development as part of its Economic Development Strategy. It’s critical for the city that local businesses have access to a skilled labour force and residents have quality employment opportunities.

The Council also works closely with secondary and tertiary education providers in the city. A strong relationship between business and education leads to the continued development of a skilled and sought-after workforce.

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