How to be a City Partner

This page outlines how business can be involved in developing the arts, environment and education of the city by joining the Partner Programme. 

Innovative approach to business

The Council’s Partner Programme is an innovative way of enabling businesses, local and national, to contribute to the development of the city in the arts, environment and education areas. 

In turn the businesses receive recognition and benefits which may vary depending on the project, the value of the contribution and the partner's funding strategy.

Partnerships comprise product, services or cash.   Council allocates the partners' component to significant and relevant projects in the City's Long Term Plan. 

Partners enjoy the fact that they are part of our community development building Porirua's future and creating an exciting innovative place to live. 

What are the benefits for business?

  • Increased team morale, company pride and improved company culture
  • Connecting with the community at a grassroots level
  • A stronger relationship with the Council
  • Public acknowledgement of involvement in the project
  • Acknowledgement in project documentation, Porirua City Partners Programme website page, Porirua City Partners Programme Kapi-Mana News page,and exclusive ticket opportunities to events at Te Rauparaha Arena

If you are interested in becoming a city partner contact the Council on (04) 237 5089 or email

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