Council’s focus areas

This page outlines Porirua City Council’s economic development priorities and focus areas.

The Council's principal focus in economic development is to promote a strong local economy where visitors are attracted by diverse experiences and employment opportunities are increased.

Council's focus areas promotes economic development.
Located just a stone's throw from the city's shopping centre and public transport hub,1 Walton Leigh Avenue is Porirua's largest office block.

Council’s economic development priorities

The Council has identified four priorities that will make the biggest contribution to improving business and employment opportunities in Porirua City. They are:

  • Business environment - ensure that the city’s infrastructure, regulatory processes and business support services promote economic development
  • Business investment - ensure that the city’s urban planning and land availability promote the growth of targeted industries
  • City promotion - ensure that the business environment, city amenities and cultural activities provide an enhanced quality of life for businesses, residents and visitors
  • Workforce development - ensure that businesses have access to a skilled labour force and residents have quality employment opportunities

What the Council is doing to help

We work with both current and potential businesses to make sure Porirua is a great place to do business now and in the future.

We have a number of short and long term programmes and projects in place to deliver the best economic outcomes for Porirua City businesses and residents.

We have streamlined the consents process that developers need to go through and put policies in place for rates remissions for major commercial developments that meet the criteria.

We are proactively involved in strategic land purchases throughout the city, enabling us to influence development in certain areas of the city.

We support the Porirua Chamber of Commerce and other relevant agencies to ensure there is a positive business environment in the city. We also support the regional economic development agency, Grow Wellington, which is focussed on developing existing businesses and attracting to the region new businesses and individuals who can influence business activity for the benefit of the regional economy.

Our Long Term Plan has a strong focus on the future economic development of the city, including City Centre revitalisation.

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