Grow Wellington

This page introduces Grow Wellington, the regional economic development agency that provides a range of business support programmes to businesses.

Regional support from Grow Wellington

At Grow Wellington we connect high growth businesses with the people, tools and knowledge they need to fulfil their potential. We are investing in growing the economy, especially exports, to help create a strong and vibrant Wellington region to be enjoyed by all who visit, live, and work here.

We are the regional economic development agency charged with the delivery of the economic aspects of the Wellington Regional Strategy.

Growing your business

Whether you're looking to expand, export, develop new products or services, or wondering about available training and funding options, we have answers.

Invest in Wellington

Discover why Wellington is a world-class, cost effective location to do business. Contact our Business and Investment team for more information on how we can help.

To find out how we can help your business to step up, phone us on (04) 382 0099, email or visit our website.

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