Setting up a business in Porirua

We support business growth and innovation. We’re here to help make a difference to your business through providing you referral and advice to relevant information, people and organisations that will able to assist you in setting up your business.

Workers at a business in Porirua City.
Local business in Porirua City.

Starting a business

A range of information and tools are available to assist in starting your own business, from assessing the feasibility of your idea to registering a domain name.

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Buying a business

There can be some significant advantages to buying an existing business instead of starting your own business from scratch. There is a range of tools available in considering the pros and cons of the purchase of such a business.

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Already in business

There is a range of information and tools available to help support you and your business, including a recruiting service to retain staff with assistance from Work and Income.

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Business Toolbox

Information and tools available to help boost your business, including ideas on ways to promote your business.

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If you are still need to talk to someone or simply want to bounce your idea with us then get in touch or phone (04) 237 5089.

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