History of Street Names in Porirua City

This page explains the Signpost Stories Exhibition held at Pataka Art + Museum which featured the history of street names in Porirua City.
The history of each suburb's streetnames is described on the individual suburb pages under the Porirua's Suburbs section.

Signpost Stories Exhibition

Signpost Stories was an exhibition at Pataka Museum from October 2004 to January 2005 which explored the history behind, and the meanings of the names of the streets, avenues, lanes and groves of Porirua City.  Was Tutu Place named after a native plant, a ballet dancer’s costume or a person?

Many of the city’s suburbs have themed names such as racehorses in Ascot Park, Cornish place names in Camborne and Scottish rivers in Papakowhai but what about Gluepot Lane, Chew Place and Hazard Grove? 

Visitors learnt how street names are allocated, how spelling mistakes are perpetuated, and some of the controversy and fun stories behind the street names of our city.

  • Who inspired the name Uncle Trev in Jack Lasenby’s children’s books?
  • What ship was sunk by a Japanese submarine’s torpedo as it left Sydney Harbour?
  • Why was the Council given a crate of whisky by a Scottish distillery?
  • What has a gluepot got to do with Porirua?

Please note: some of the newer street names in Camborne and Whitby have yet to be compiled.

Update 30 June 2006:

Four new street names have been approved under the new Street Naming and Renaming Policy (approved by Council 25 May 2006).

The new roads are off Raiha Street after Kupe's grandchildren being 'Matiu Close' and 'Makaro Street', and two names for new roads in Aotea off Tongariro Drive and Te Puia Drive, being 'Catlins Glen' and 'Kaweka Close'.
The street names were approved under delegation by the Chief Executive due to the fact that there were no repeats in the Wellington region.

Iwi had no comments or objections and they are in accordance with the Street Naming Themes for Aotea being 'New Zealand Natural Features' and Elsdon being 'Historical/Maori and from the Legends of Kupe'.

Book published

A book based on the exhibition at Pataka has been published and is on sale at Pataka Art + Museum.
This publication includes all the information from the exhibition together with updates to cover the new suburb of Aotea and other subsequent subdivisions and developments in Camborne, Plimmerton and Whitby.