Porirua City Boundary, Suburban Areas and Wards Map

This page has maps of the Ward and Suburb boundaries in Porirua City.

It is designed to give you a general overview of the boundaries of our three Council wards. Links to printable maps are provided at the bottom of the page.

Go to GIS Maps Online or visit our Ward Finder to list your address and wards.

Map of Porirua City Council Wards 2013.
Above: Map showing Northern, Western and Eastern ward boundaries for Porirua City Council.

Map of Community Trust Wards for Porirua City.
Above: Map showing Ward 1 and Ward 2 for the Porirua Community Trust.


Close up Boundary Maps

Map - Ward Boundaries - Conclusion St.

Map of Ward Boundary - Conclusion St.

Map - Ward Boundaries - Kenepuru Drive.

Map of Ward Boundary - Kenepuru Drive.

Map - Ward Boundaries - Warspite Avenue-Omapere St.

Map of Ward Boundary - Warspite Ave-Omapere St.

Map - Ward Boundaries - Whitford Brown Avenue.

Map of Ward Boundary - Whitford Brown Avenue.

Links to more information

Printable one page pdf Ward maps.