Terms and Conditions for use of GIS

This page outlines the terms and conditions for the use of the GIS maps accessible from the Porirua City Council website.

Before proceeding with the use of the GIS maps, you must read the terms and conditions of access.

General Conditions

The contents of this website are subject to copyright and are protected by the laws of New Zealand and other countries through international treaties.

Porirua City Council grants you a non-exclusive licence to reproduce the contents of this website:

(a) in your web browser (and in any cache file produced by your web browser);
(b) on a printout, for the sole purpose of viewing the content. Porirua City Council reserves all other rights.

The preparation and provision of the information on this web site has been made in good faith from a number of sources that are believed to be reliable.

While all due care has been taken, Porirua City Council does not give any warranty that any information contained is accurate.

Neither do we guarantee that measurements taken using the application are necessarily accurate to a level necessary for a resource consent application.


The information displayed in the GIS has been taken from Porirua City Council's databases and maps. It is made available in good faith but its accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed.

If the information is relied on in support of a resource consent it should be verified independently.

The rating valuation shown is from Quotable Value New Zealand and is at 1 September 2010. The next updated valuation is due in September 2013. These values are set for rating purposes only. The Porirua City Council does not provide current market values.

Utilities information is schematic only and serves as a guide. The actual position of underground services may differ from what is shown and should be determined from a site inspection.

Cadastral Information derived from Land Information New Zealand. CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED.

The information provided in this GIS is only a subset of the total information available from the Porirua City Council and in no way whatsoever can be substituted for a LIM or PIM.

Users of this GIS are advised to contact the Porirua City Council in person to view the files relating to the property and to discuss any issues with a Planning Officer or Building Inspector.