Information and Services

Who are we?

The Office of Ethnic Communities

The OEc vision is "Strength in Diversity" and its purpose is to contribute to a strong self-directed sector by promoting the advantages of the ethnic diversity in New Zealand.

What do we do?

The Office of Ethnic Communities is responsible for the provision of policy advice, information, and liason services to the Minister of Ethnic Communities.

The office is also responsible for information and referral services for government, non-government, ethnic communities and groups on issues for the ethnic sector.

It monitors issues affecting ethnic communities and to develop, or have an input into development policies and proposals affecting those communities

How can we help you?

OEC provides community support to ethnic communities/groups to help set up their own priorities and develop their own resources.

OEC is developing training and resources for government employees intercultural competence, to enhance their understanding of the influence of different cultures.

OEC has ethnic advisors who are the specialist point of contact between government, local government, and ethnic communities.

Where can you find us?

State Insurance Building
46 Waring Taylor Street
PO Box 805
Telephone: (04) 494 0546