Taeaomanino Trust

Who are we?

Taeaomanino is a Pacific social service and health provider based in Porirua. The organisation was registered as a charitable trust on 3 December 1993. Since then, Taeaomanino has grown to be the biggest Pacific provider in the Wellington region and one of the biggest employers of Pacific people.

What do we do?

Provide social support services to Pacific people, families and groups within Porirua City.

How can we help you?

You can visit the trust by ringing or going in, or you might be referred by the schools or courts.

Services for adults

  • alcohol and drug counselling
  • family therapy
  • family violence
  • anger management
  • individualised counselling
  • “Discovery” programme which focuses on young Pacific men

Services for children

  • social workers in schools
  • after school care
  • support for families with children under five (Family Start)
  • home based support
  • youth programmes
  • school holiday programmes

Where are we?

Waiora Villa 2, Lower Main Drive
Hassell Road, Porirua Hospital Grounds
Porirua City
PO Box 50-452
Telephone: (04) 237 6062 or freephone 0800 345 345