ESOL Assessment and Access Specialist Service

Who are we?

ESOL Assessment and Access Specialist Service is a service funded by the Tertiary Education Commission to identify language needs and long-term goals of adult migrants and refugees and provide impartial advice on the educational provision available to meet these needs.

The service is able to support government agencies, services and educational and training providers who work with clients from non English-speaking backgrounds.

What do we do?

This free service helps you with your language needs if you:

  • have good English but still need help with New Zealand English
  • have good English speaking skills but need help to improve your writing or reading
  • still want to improve your English although you have been living in New Zealand for a long time
  • have very little English language
  • have good everyday English but want to get the English skills for further study
  • need the language skills to seek employment in a trade, service or professional workplace

How can we help you?

The ESOL specialist will:

  • discuss your goals and language needs
  • assess your speaking and your writing skills
  • give you up to date information about the most appropriate classes and services
  • help make appointments
  • follow up to make sure you are satisfied

Where can you find us?

Pat Hay
ESOL Assessment and Access Specialist Service
Multicultural Service Centre
Level 1, 39 Webb Street
PO Box 27-342
Telephone: (04) 384 8618
Fax: (04) 384 6292