Wandering Stock

This page explains what to do if you find stock or marine animals wandering or stranded on Porirua City streets and beaches.

Reporting wandering stock

Stock wandering uncontrolled on roads and in public places is a serious hazard.

Stock includes a horse, cow, bull, cattle, deer, sheep, donkey, mule, pig, goat, or other animal.

Phone the Police on "111" about wandering stock. They will notify us and provide traffic control until the animals are safely contained.

Council officers may impound wandering stock.

Impounded animals may be reclaimed from us:

  • upon payment of the impounding, holding and food costs; and
  • upon production of proof of ownership.

To inquire about a missing or impounded animal, call us on phone (04) 237 5089.

Unclaimed animals may be sold by public tender advertised in local newspapers or otherwise disposed of.

Straying marine animals

Straying marine animals i.e., seals, penguins etc, may sometimes become at risk or cause a nuisance.

Report stranded, straying or dead marine animals immediately to the Department of Conservation (DOC) on Freephone 0800 362 468. 

Where the animal is creating a nuisance, impeding traffic or endangering any person or themselves, also notify the Police on "111".

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