Tree Nuisances

This page provides information about what action you can take to deal with tree nuisances on properties in Porirua City.

Trees can create serious nuisances for neighbours.  They do this by overhanging neighbouring properties, dropping leaves or damaging underground drains and building foundations with their root system.

Tree owner responsibilities

Tree owners are responsible for rectifying problems their trees cause for their neighbours or any other person. If you have a problem with a neighbour’s tree, you need to address the issue directly with them.

If discussing the matter with the tree owner is not successful, it is recommended you obtain legal and professional advice before you start any work to physically remove or cut the tree.

Obtain advice on this by:

  • Consulting your Solicitor or local Citizens Advice Bureau (Inc); or
  • Going to the New Zealand Law Society or Consumers web pages; or
  • Consulting a qualified Arborist or Tree Surgeon.

If you are proposing to plant trees on your property near the boundary, building drains or other structures, consult a nursery first to ensure you obtain non-invasive plants to avoid future problems.

Trees or plants on public land

The Porirua City Council Bylaw 1991 makes it an offence to disturb, uproot, damage or remove any shrub, tree or other growth from any Council garden or reserve without Council consent.

If a Council owned tree is causing problems for you, report it by phoning us on (04) 237 5089 and we'll investigate.

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