Working in the Road Corridor - Fees

Link to BeforeUDig website.This page describes the fees which must be paid for undertaking work within the road corridor in Porirua City.

There is a fee for working in the road corridor

Fees apply for the undertaking of work within the road corridor. The fees are for the processing and administration of Corridor Access Requests (C.A.R.’s) for activities carried out on the public roads administered by the Porirua City Council.

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The Road Corridor is by definition, all the land from property boundary to property boundary, including the footpath, berm, carriageway and accessways vested in the Council.

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Diagram showing typical cross section of the Road Corridor. Click the image to view a larger printable diagram.

Road Work fees

Fees are charged for major, minor, project and emergency works requiring a C.A.R. The ‘National Code of Practice for Utility Operators’ Access to Transport Corridors’ defines major, minor, project and emergency works as follows:

Major Works:

Means Utility Operator maintenance or construction Work in, on, along, over, across or under the Transport Corridor, which includes Works undertaken in any of the following situations:

  • A trench extending more than 20m along the Road;
  • A traffic lane needing to be closed on a Main Road;
  • A road closed for more than two minutes during peak traffic, or business hours in Central Business Districts;
  • Work in a State Highway Corridor;-  Applications to New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA);
  • Work in a Railway Corridor;- Applications to KiwiRail;
  • Work affecting metered parking or other restricted parking areas for more than two hours during normal business hours;
  • Work affecting a road structure such as a bridge, tunnel or retaining wall;
  • Work needing to be done outside normal hours of work;
  • Work restricting property access for more than ten minutes for business or one hour for residential;
  • Diverting a footpath for more than eight hours;
  • A financial contribution is sought from the Corridor Manager, such as towards the reinstatement of the Road surface.

Minor Works:

Utility Structure maintenance or construction work in, on, along, over, across, or under the Road that has lower impacts than that for Major Works.

Project Works:

Major Works in, on, along, over, across or under the Road Corridor that exceeds or is expected to exceed 28 days from commencement to final reinstatement.

Emergency Works:

Works that require an immediate response to restore the integrity of the Utility Structure or secure the situation for the safety of Public and relates to:

  • restoration of supply following an unplanned outage or interruption of supply;
  • rectification of a dangerous situation including support request by an emergency service; or
  • unplanned events that have a significant impact on a Road, a Railway, a bridge, public health, public safety or the security of supply to a network.

Determining the cost of your C.A.R.

The fee is based on the Minor, Major or Project proposed works within the road corridor shown on the “CAR” application by the applicant. Please note that all fees are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. The number of site inspections as part of “CAR” compliance will be determined on the complexity of the works.

The fees are for the undertaking of any work within the road corridor in the form of a Corridor Access Request application or an Event requiring a Temporary Traffic Management plan application or a Temporary Road Closure application. The fee is for the processing and administration of Corridor Access Requests, Temporary Traffic Management plan or Temporary Road Closure applications for activities carried out on the public roads administered by the Porirua City Council, and do not include the preparation and submission of Corridor Access Requests and/or Traffic Management Plans by external sources.

Overweight Permit Applications

A permit processing fee shall be charged for each permit application in accordance with the fees prescribed in Schedule 4A of the Regulation 7(1) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974.

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