Overweight Permits

This page describes the process for obtaining a permit for overweight or oversized loads in Porirua City.

A permit is required for overweight or oversized loads

Overweight or oversized loads could need a permit or special permissions. An overweight vehicle is a vehicle, which exceeds any of the weight limits imposed under the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations Act 1974, to protect road pavements and bridges.

Overweight Vehicles

There are strict controls on the weight and axle loads of vehicles. This is to protect the Porirua City road network from damage. If your vehicle exceeds the limits because of the load you are carrying, or the vehicles design, you need to apply for an overweight permit before you travel.

You can download the Overweight Permit application form from the New Zealand Transport Authority website - look under "overweight vehicles".

Please forward completed Overweight Permit Application to roadprotectionteam@pcc.govt.nz or fax to (04) 237 6384.

Processing Times

The approval of permits is usually completed within three working days, providing that the application has been submitted with the required information for processing.  Continuous permits may require more than the three working days and extremely heavy load applications will take considerably longer to process.

Permit Processing Fee

A permit processing fee shall be charged for each permit application in accordance with the fees prescribed in Schedule 4A of the Regulation 7(1) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us by phoning (04) 237 5089 – ask for the Road Protection Team or email roadprotectionteam@pcc.govt.nz.