Public Notification of Resource Consent Applications

This page explains the public notification requirements for Resource Consent applications under the Resource Management Act 1991.

When your Resource Consent application is received Council Consent Planning Officers will determine its category designation. There are three types of categories that influence how the application is processed and whether public notification is or is not required:

  • Notified application
  • Limited notification
  • Non-notified application

Resource Consent applications are required to be publicly notified when the environmental effects of the proposed activity will be major and/or they will adversely affect persons who have not given their written approval to it.

The purpose of public notification is to allow affected and other interested persons the opportunity to consider your proposal in detail and make submissions for consideration when the application is determined.

A Resource Consent hearing will be required if submissions opposing your application are received.

Limited Notification

If your application is designated as Limited Notification full public notification is not required and you will then only have to notify those persons specifically identified by Council as affected persons.

This will occur when the adverse effects of your activity will be minor and the identified affected persons have not given their written approval to it.

Limited Notification applications may require a hearing if a submission opposing it is received.

Non-Notified applications

When your application is designated Non-Notified you do not have to publicly notify it provided:

  • The environmental effects of your proposed activity are minor; and
  • All affected parties have given their written consent; and
  • Porirua City District Plan rules allow consideration without notification.

Public notifications

Public notification is required to be made by:

  • Publishing full details of the application in a Porirua City community newspaper i.e. a newspaper that is circulated throughout the Porirua City district.
  • Displaying a formal notice on the land or building in respect of which the application is being made.
  • Supplying a copy of your application to all potential directly affected persons.

Notified application notices are also placed on Council’s web page.

Viewing Resource Consent applications

Copies of all application documents will be available at Council’s Customer Services Centre for public viewing for 20 days from the public notification publication date to the submission closing date.

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