Submissions on Resource Consent applications

This page explains how and when you may make a submission or lodge an objection on a Resource Consent application under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Submissions Process

Any person may make submissions on publicly notified Resource Consent applications.  A submission may be in support of, in opposition to or neutral to the application.

This allows the submitter to put forward their views, opinions or suggestions for consideration when the application is determined. This is an effective way of influencing consent decisions and outcome.

Before preparing your submission talk to the Resource Consent applicant as this may allay your concerns about their proposal.

You should also consult appropriate consultants and persons who are able to provide technical information on the cause and consequence of effects and ways to reduce or avoid them.

Your submission must be well organised and to the point. Provide a clear analysis of the issues and include relevant supporting information. When preparing the submission:

  • Concentrate on the important points you wish Council to consider.
  • Clearly identify the part or parts of the proposal your comments refer to.
  • Explain in detail how the proposal will affect you and how those effects could be alternatively dealt with.
  • Clearly explain any request or recommendation made.
  • Indicate whether or not you wish to be heard personally at any hearing.

Submissions must be on Submission Form – Form 13.


Submissions may only address the activity proposed in the consent application and its environmental effects.

Potential adverse trade competition or business activity effects are not grounds for objection.

Lodging Submissions

Your submission must be completed and distributed with all accompanying documentation within 20 working days of the public notification date as follows:

  • Original signed copy – to Council’s Customer Services Centre.
  • One copy - to the Resource Consent applicant.
  • One copy - retained as your working copy.


When Council receives submissions and/or objections to a Resource Consent application, it may convene a hearing to consider the application and all submissions received.

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